Travel Resources

These are my best travel resources so far which I have personally used in my 7 years of traveling. Take note that when I travel, I try to be as practical as possible. Everything from flights, accommodation to tours, I make sure that I get the most experience from what I have to spend. So, here are technically my travel secrets:



JetRadar is a  travel search engine that helps you compare airline prices and offers, find cheap flights at best prices.




When I started traveling, my first hotel booking was done through Agoda. And didn’t regret it. Until now, I’m still using it. They have the huge selections of  accommodations sold at the cheapest prices.


What I like about Hotellook is that you can compare accommodation prices to select which has the best offer. This hotel price comparison engine also shows you the exact price to pay on the screen which already include all the fees and taxes so there’s no hidden charges.

Travelbook has the great selection of hotels in the Philippines with big discounts!


Overland Travel Resources



I love to book in advance especially if I’m just traveling alone or I have limited time (which often happens). When I embarked on a multi-city Myanmar trips alone, I liked that there’s such a site as 12GoAsia where I can book my overland travel online at the most affordable rate.

Aside from walking, biking is also a good way to explore a place. And as organized as I am, I really like to book this type of activity in advance. Plus, I get a better rate when done so.

When I did my Europe tour, this site was one big help to me as I was able to plan which routes to take according to my needs.




I do do-it-yourself travel most of the time, but sometimes I also take advantage of online tours discounts. Here are some of them which I use in order to save money and time:


Book Now Cherry Blossom Promos Book Now Cherry Blossom Promos


Book Now Kawaii Monster Cafe Book Now Kawaii Monster Cafe


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