Top foods to try in Spain: Madrid & Barcelona

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If you like guisados  and bar chow, you’ll surely like Spanish foods.  In my own opinion, Spain has the best tasting  cured ham in the world.  So, what are the foods to try in Spain, specifically in the cultural cities of Barcelona and Madrid?


1. Churros con chocolate IMG 7930 Copy 1024x683 - Top foods to try in Spain: Madrid & BarcelonaIt is a long tubular dough  thick chocolate. Try it on your first breakfast in Spain. I tried it in an artisan churreria. I patiently waited for my turn as the queue was as long as 200 meters as far as I remember. It cost me 4 EUR which consisted of 3 churros, 1 porra and a cup of hot choco. It did taste so good. It was worth it. But if you want a cheaper one, you can get one at a local bakery. After I finished the churros, I walked down the Puerto de Sol and found some churros on display in a bakery and I took a look at the price, it was only being sold for 2 EUR. Might as well, scout around first if you have the time.


2. Torta

It is another Spanish breakfast is the tortilla, Spanish style omelette made from eggs and potatoes. If you check on YouTube on how it is prepared, you may find it easy. But this is the type of breakfast dish that is simple, yet filling and tasty.


3. Pa amb tomaquetIMG 7761 1024x683 - Top foods to try in Spain: Madrid & BarcelonaIf you’re in the Catalan region, for breakfast , you can try pa amb tomaquet, a bread with tomato spread on top. You can also choose the sandwich type which can be filled with cheese, tomatoes and lettuce. I tried this one at a restaurant in Plaça Reial. This breakfast meal cost me 7 EUR.


Discounted La Boqueria Market Tour/Cooking class


4. Jamón ibérico IMG 7818 Copy 1024x683 - Top foods to try in Spain: Madrid & BarcelonaThis is the top food that shouldn’t be missed when in Spain, their Jamón ibérico. I could say this is the best ham I’ve ever tasted so far. And it is exclusively produced in the Iberian region. Exclusively.


5. Tapas.  It  is equivalent to an appetizer or bar chows of any Spanish cuisine.  Go to any Museo de Jamon at night to get discounted tapas for as affordable as 1 EUR per tapa or a huge ham and cheese sandwich. I also ordered a lady’s drink which cost me for 1.5 EUR, which was more costly than a a regular beer for just 1 EUR.


6. PaellaImage may contain: foodIt is a Spanish rice dish made from various toppings. It is considered as Spain’s national dish though it is a regional cuisine from Valencia.  I always order the Paella Valenciana every time. I am hoping to try the Paella Negra or other type of paella in the future.


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Oh, fyi, the oldest restaurant in the world ( yes in the whole world , not just in Europe)  is a Spanish one called Botin Restaurant. The receptionist at my hostel told me that it’s the most expensive restaurant in Madrid and that I have to reserve if I want to dine in there. I didn’t know this. Perhaps, when I get back to Spain, this is something I can tick off my bucket list.

There you go, the top foods to try in Spain, specifically  to those cities I explored , namely: Madrid and Barcelona. There are still a lot more. We’ll reserve that in our next visit to Spain.

Hasta luego. Chau,




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