Top 5 foods discovered in Batanes

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When I was in Batanes, I was like,” Is this still part of the Philippines?”The wondering was just so inevitable because there’s really a different feeling you get from mesmerizing its unusual scenery.And this doesn’t end from here. There’s no way that you cannot try their strange cuisine unless you brought your own food. After all, isn’t it a good idea trying new food, in the meanwhile, getting the knack of what the Ivatans are eating?


batanes24 - Top 5 foods discovered in Batanes


1.“Tatus” or coconut crab

We didn’t research about this food in Batanes as this trip was spontaneous, but we were surprised to learn that this tiny, isolated island has a hidden treasure. Good thing our newly-found Indonesian friend was dying to taste it, that he determinedly succeeded with the help of our friendly hotel staff.

So one fateful night, he and the rest of us occupying the hotel, went on to try this exotic crabs that can only be found in Batanes islands. The crab meat is so tasteful but a little oily, must due to the crab’s coconut husks diet. However, we later discovered that the selling and consumption of this conspicuous crab are discouraged to preserve their species. After  learning about this restriction, we felt a little guilty about what we just did.But you’ll never believe how much we chimed in for 3 small pieces of coconut crabs, just 1000php!


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curacha - Top 5 foods discovered in Batanes



2. Turmeric rice/supas 

At least there’s a group of Filipinos who understand that white plain rice is just too boring. Ivatans, courteous and polite as they naturally are, won’t allow us to it just plain rice. Instead they will offer you their yellow rice. The color is due to the turmeric ingredient they add while cooking the rice. So just to vary your intake of rice, try the Batanes’ yellow rice.


batanesfood1 - Top 5 foods discovered in Batanes

Turmeric Rice & ubod balls


3.Ubod balls

One quirky food I discovered in Batanes is the Uvod balls. These balls are made  from banana ubod which are wrapped  and presented to us in banana leaves. You can eat this with their yellow rice among other viands.


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batanfood - Top 5 foods discovered in Batanes

Vunes & Rawut


4. Vunes 

This typical Batan food can easily be mistaken for Bicol’s, Laing. But this vegetable dish is made from gabi (taro) stalks.


5. Rawut/Millet

A millet muffin/cake made from rice/corn.


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These are the top 5 foods  I liked the most in Batanes but in general , I must say that their food is so organic and healthy. Ivatans don’t put too much seasonings on their food. How about you, what Ivatan food have you discovered?

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