Things to do in Thailand in 2 days + Street Foods to try

DAY 1 Temple Hopping in Bangkok

It’s bold. It’s made of gold. Tourists gang up in Thailand for several golden reasons: its spicy food, its tropical beaches, its shopping centers and it  is probably the first stop/ choice  in one’s Southeast Asian travel, especially those coming from the west side of the world. But why Thailand? Other Asian countries have their own proud platter of spicy cuisine and their own piece of heaven for shopaholics. When it comes to beaches, for instance, my own country has thousands to offer and, even better. So, for an Asian like me, whenever I try to capture a picture of Thailand, what always click in my mind are its golden, ancient temples of Buddha and not those other golden reasons. In my list, the top 3 amazing temples in Bangkok would comprise the following:

3. Wat Pho: temple of the reclining Buddha

It is a buddhist temple in the Rattanakosin district directly adjacent to the Grand Palace.

Why it’s a must -visit: It s the largest and oldest wats in Bangkok with an area of 50 rai, 80,000 square metres. It houses one of the largest single reclining Buddha images at 150 feet (46 m) in length made of gold. It is one of the six temples in Thailand classed as the highest grade of the first-class royal temples

2. Wat Arun: temple of Dawn

It is a Buddhist temple in Bangkok, on the Thonburi west bank of the Chao Praya river.

Why it’s a must -visit: Wat Arun is known as one of the best known of Thailand‘s landmarks. Its beauty and elegance radiate the surface of the temple like a pearl early morning. Such  a heavenly sight!


1. Wat Benchamabophit/ Marble temple

It is a Buddhist temple in the Dusit district of Bangkok.

Why it’s a must -visit: It is considered as one of Bangkok’s beautiful temples/wats. Inside the ordination hall (ubosot) is a one-of-a- kind  Sukhothai-style Buddha statue.Not all the time it is open for public, so check their schedules and if your visit is a good timing, never miss the opportunity to see its grandeur once there.

DAY 2 Chao Praya River Tour + Shopping “You shouldn’t miss the Seine when in Paris, the Thames when in London, and you shouldn’t miss the Chao Phraya when visiting Bangkok.” Cruising along the principal river of the country and its grand canals was a different experience to view the historical landmarks of Bangkok. For 3 hours or more, various golden Buddha temples laid down before our eyes which were glazing down as hot and sunny as the morning sun. We didn’t mind it at all. Then, we had around 15 minutes to roam around the  temple of dawn which were not enough time for me to borrow a traditional Thai dress for a picture behind the amazing silver temple. Tip: don’t wear shorts. Cover yourself with modest getup so you can enter the temple.

In the afternoon, during our free time, is the allocated time to go on shopping around downtown Bangkok. Then later, we  headed over MBK, one of the largest malls in Thailand.

5 Terrific Thai Foods I tried in Thailand

The normal notion that Thai food is fairly expensive is not true. I just proved it wrong with my recent visit to the Thai Kingdom where we were in a tight budget as Thailand was the first leg of our Indochina tour and we need not to splurge since we have two other countries to stopover afterwards.

So what are the affordable Thai food that you can try when on a -budget tour in Thailand?

1. Fresh spring rolls with grass jelly drinks

I found this food at a mall and was curious of its distinctive look.Well, I could say that it has the balanced bang of 4 the 4 basic tastes: sweet, salty, sour & bitter. They come in various flavors and you can dip it with chili or soy sauce.

2. Fish meal

it is readily available wall-to-wall along Thai streets fresh from the rivers , lakes and ponds. The Chao praya river is one proof that Thailand is blessed with these natural blessings. An order of this meal is priced at 50 Thai baht only.

3. Rice meal

Like many,  if not all, Asian countries, rice has been the staple food. No matter how varied the Thai meal can be, there’s always a space for this typical Thai meal which on consists of rice (khao in Thai) with complementary viands, served along with soup. This is how a typical Thai meal looks like. Very Asian, or so we say very Thai?

4.Shrimp salad snack

When  hunger strikes and you’re on the road, u-o it sounds trouble. But not when you’re in Thailand. It is relatively easy to find good cheap food along the streets where cheap still means healthy and quality. My fave is this spicy shrimp salad. I bought it for less than 30 Thai baht and I accompanied it with a carrot juice. Healthy, isn’t it?

5. Thai small cakes

These small cakes are sold at the MRT stations. They taste like hopia but are less sweet.


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