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Only tequila from Tequila is Tequila. There is no such thing as Mexican Tequila, but just tequila. If it is made anywhere else other than in Mexico, then it is not tequila at all.
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In fact, Mexican law states that tequila can only be produced in the state of Jalisco, Guadalajara and other limited regions in Mexico. Enjoy the Tequila Tour that most large tequila houses in Guadalajara offer.

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Tequila tour includes simple, yet educational trip about the history of tequila, the stages in the production of it from cutting the agave plant to distillation process and the favorite part of the tour, I bet you, is the tequila tasting. The tour costs 400 MXN pesos, around 1,000 Php or 22 USD.

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The first leg of the tour was at one of the leading and largest traditional tequila distilleries, Tres Mujeres. The name Tres Mujeres represents the 3 most precious ladies to the founder’s family.

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Tres Mujeres

Going to Tres Mujeres means having the chance to enjoy the beautiful landscape of an extinct volcano surrounded by the thousands of acres of bluish-green agave plantation and the clear, blue sky above.

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The funny tour guide walked us through the hacienda to visit the different areas in making the tequila before it is finally bottled and labeled.

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 Just near the gates, I saw these various designs of caballito, the small glass that is used for tequila.


Tres Mujeres Cooking & Grinding Areas

We passed by the cooking and grinding area. We got to taste the heart of the agave plant called maguey after it was steamed. Later, it will be shredded and squeezed.
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There are different species of the maguey plant. But the best species of maguey only grows in Guadalajara soil and weather which is called the Weber agave.

Mexican law indicates that at least  51 % of any tequila must be made from this type of agave in order to achieve the best kind of tequila.

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If you notice, cheaper tequila brands don’t usually contain the pure juice from the agave; instead, they are supplemented with other juices such as a cane. Sugar is added in the cooked maguey before it undergoes fermentation process for 4 days.


Tres Mujeres Distillation Process

The next process is the distillation. Tequila is distilled twice. The style of its distillation process is what set it apart from another older Mexican alcoholic drink, Mezcal. I could already smell the lovely aroma of the tequila arising from the room. 

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Tres Mujeres Cellars

Then, the whole group was brought to the capilla as we walked through cobbled corridors. Beside it is a tunnel where the cellars are stored. The distilled liquid is aged in oak casks for 7 years. During this aging time, the liquid assumes its golden yellow color.
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Tequila Tasting

Then, here comes the fun part: the tequila tasting. Everyone got to free taste the 3 types of Tres Mujeres tequila on a sample. We tried the Blanco, green, blue and red flower-shaped tequila bottles. The one most of the tasters liked the best, including me, was the blue bottle, the reposado one. For me, it tasted just right; not too fiery or too soft.


Tequila Plantation

After drinking tequila and obtained enough strength,  we went ahead to the vast plantation. And you know what?  Despite being dizzy, at least some of us, we managed to cut some agave plants. But the pineapple-like agave was too sturdy.

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Have you seen the Mexican telenovela, ” Destilando amor“? Starring Angelica River, the current first lady of Mexico in real-life, she played the role of Gaviota, a poor girl working as a jimador in this TV drama.  But in reality, due to the toughness of the job, according to a jimador himself, only guys can do this stuff. I forgot his name, but this same jimador demonstrated us how they cut properly the stalks of the agave and prepare them to turn it into a tequila.

How to Avail the Tequila Tour
The Guadalajara tourist information booth is usually placed at the Plaza de la Independencia where you can be advised of some of the recommended tours around the city.If you want to avail the Tequila day-tour, make sure to be at the booth at least 30 minutes before 9am.

Who would have thought this indigenous distilled spirit would stand shoulder to shoulder on the top shelf of fine spirits of the world such as champagne, cognac, and scotch?

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It was already lunch time after we finished touring around Tres Mujeres. Before visiting the Tequila Town (on a separate post), we took our lunch in a cozy restaurant overlooking some hills. However, the cost of your lunch was not included in the said tour. You are free anyway to choose which and how many meal/s to order.


Tequila Tour Lunch
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 The kind tour guide gave us free margarita though as she promised us at the start of the tour. I ordered Arrachera. I was taken aback when I saw the portion of the meal. It was more than enough for me. The meat was so juicy and soft. This was the first time I ate a beef dish that was supple and easy to cut. No offense, but in my country, I ‘ve never encountered such a quality of beef.

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 The Arrachera came in in a big plate which was half occupied with lean beef steak, a good portion of refried beans and guacamole, a sizable amount of Mexican salsa with a long aubergine-like grilled chile. A small saladita, which is a salted biscuit, a pack was also given to us.
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The meal price was worthy enough for such quality and quantity. We spent around 350 MXN pesos, almost 900 Php or roughly 19 USD. This is the regular price we actually pay whenever we eat out around Metro Manila. Aside from the 2 big orders, we also had a jar of horchata and 2 tostadas, crab and guacamole, all for this affordable price.

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Where we Stay in Guadalajara

In our  2-day stay in Guadalajara city, we spent in a hotel which only costs us 500 MXN per night/ almost 28 USD which includes free breakfast. You may check the awesome hotel deals offered in this city with Agoda. Agoda is my favorite booking site because I always get the best rate.

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Have you tried Tequila tour? For you, what was the best part of the tour?

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