Taiwan : Itinerary and Expenses

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My short, crazy, fast-paced 3-day solo Taiwan trip. If you’re this insane traveler like me, you may follow my itinerary (lol). I suggest not. However, I hope that this article can somehow give you idea on things you can do and how cheap to travel around  this pea-sized country is. If there’s one thing that I’m sure about my solo Taiwan travel is that I really enjoyed it. It was fun after all despite the tight budget and schedule.

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MNL- Taipei
1:00 AM Arrived at Taipei Airport Terminal 2


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Taipei Airport- Kaohsiung
2:00 AM At the airport, moved down to T2 G/F & rode the green Ubus bound for Kaohsiung Bus fare: 20 TWD
2:30 AM Bus stopped at Zholing Station. Got off and waited for another Ubus
3:00 AM Reached Kaohsiung & got down at Kaohsiung Train Station Bus fare: 420 TWD
6:00 AM


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6:01 AM Kaohsiung Main Station to Yan Station. Turned left and walked straight until the Pier. Train fare: 20 TWD

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8:01 AM Yan station to Kaohsiung Main station. Turned left & walked straight for 10 mins until reached the crossing & turned left & found the  Love River Free Entrance
10:00 AM
10:01 AM Returned to Main station. Took breakfast Food- 40 TWD;        Milk tea- 20TWD

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11:00 AM Passed by Formosa Station  Train fare: 20 TWD
11:01 AM Formosa Station to Zuoling Station.

Upon exiting, rode bus #8501 heading for Fo Guang Shan

Spent more than hour and waited same bus # @ 2 PM, then, traveled from Zuoling station to Cultural center station

Free Entrance (Buddha);

Bus fare- 63 TWD x 2; Buddha souvenirs: 160 TWD

Train Fare: 30 TWD


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The most beautiful Taiwanese station

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2:31 PM Searched and checked in at the Hotel Riu.
3:30 PM
3:31PM Relaxed at the hotel & prepared for dinner at Night Market Hotel rate- 380 TWD
7:00 PM
7:30PM Walked straight from Hotel Rui, turned right at the end of the road & continued until reached the station.

Got off at station. Exited & walked straight to Night Market

Food- 90 TWD; Milk Tea- 50 TWD


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Kaohsiung- Taichung
8:00 AM Breakfast at the Hotel Rui Free Breakfast
9: 00AM


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9:30 AM Rode again Cultural Center station to Zuoling station. Took wrong station.

Went back, from Zuoling station to Kaohsiung Main station.

Train fare- 30 TWD
10:31 Got down at the right station, Kaohsiung Main Station. Looked for Ubus.

Turned left & walked straight until saw a white bus terminal, in front is the Ubus station (fare is cheaper than the white bus).

Train fare- 20 TWD; Bus Fare- 200 TWD
11:00 AM Waited for the bus to depart

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2:00 PM Arrived at Taichung terminal.
2:01 PM Inquired at the Tourism Office inside terminal for the direction of my hotel;

took lunch at a stall  a few walk from the Moon Lake hotel

Food- 45 TWD
3:00 PM

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3:01 PM Checked in at the hotel and asked at the receptionist how to go to Carton King, Castle & Rainbow Village Hotel rate- 550 TWD
3:30 PM
3:31PM Form the hotel, walked a block away to wait for the bus Bus Fare- 24  TWD
4:00 PM Got up the bus # 30  going to Rainbow Village

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5:15 PM Arrived at the Rainbow Village; driver dropped me off in front of a school, walked straight until reached the said town.
6:30 PM Walked to the highway in front of a school, then turned right and waited for Bus # 38

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6:31 PM Climbed up the bus going to Fengjia Night Market Bus Fare-20  TWD
7:00 PM
7:01 PM Dinner & window shopping at  Fengjia Night Market Food- 150 TWD
9:00 PM
9:01 PM Took bus #25/35 to go back to the hotel Bus Fare- 20 TWD

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Taichung- Taipei
7:00AM Ate breakfast. Checked out & walked straight from Hotel Moon Lake.Then, turned left at J.. Street. Walked straight again up to Taichung Terminal.

Came down the underground, first turn went left & continued until  the stairs. Ubus station is right ahead.

Free Breakfast
9:14 AM
9:15 AM Got up the bus going to Taipei. Bus fare- 220 TWD
12:15 PM
12:16 Arrived at Taipei Main Station.Followed exit from Main station .

Walked straight, then turned left at the sign of Riufan Station.

Train fare- 49 TWD
1:00 PM
1:01 PM Got down the train, walked straight for 2 mins., turned left on the first corner, continued walking straight until the Juifen Bus stop. Bus fare: 20 TWD
1:15 PM Got off at the bus stop & the Santorini-like vista greeted us.

Swarmed through the throng of crowd along the food & souvenir stalls.

Taiwanese Sausage- 30 TWD;

Dorayaki ice cream-30 TWD;

Ice cream- 40 TWD,

Tea- 20 TWD

2:30 PM

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2:31 PM Went back to the bus stop & rode bus going to Golden Waterfall. Bus Fare- 20 TWD
2:45 PM Rode a yellow van going to Golden Waterfall. Bus Fare-50 TWD
3:00 PM Enjoying the beauty of the waterfall. Free Entrance


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4:00 PM Rode bus going back to Juifen Park I forgot to pay:(
4:15 PM Rode another bus returning to Riufan station Bus Fare- 20 TWD
4:44 PM Got off in front of Riufan station, across Well Pharmacy. Bought ticket. Train Fare- 49 TWD
4:45 PM Arrived at Taipei Main Station.
5:30 PM


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6:00 PM Taipei Main station to Taipei 101 Train Fare-30 TWD
6:10 PM At Taipei 101

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7:00 PM Taipei 101 to Ximen Station Train Fare-30 TWD
7:15 PM Right  in front of the station is the Ximending station.Wander around & bought souvenirs
Souvenirs– 500 TWD
8:15 PM Dined out at Modern Toilet Food- 300 TWD
9:00 PM Ximen Station to Taipei Main Station Train Fare-30 TWD

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9:15 PM Exited the station. Outside the terminal is the bus bound for Taipei Airport Bus Fare- 120 TWD
10:00 PM Bus departed for  Taipei Airport
11:00 PM Arrived at T2. Went up the third floor  & proceeded at 3rd floor check-in counter no baggage
1:00 AM Air Asia departed

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1 TWD= 1.80 PHP

Pre-Travel Expenses
Airfare 3,800
Accommodation  1,669.65
Travel Tax 1,626
Travel Expenses
Metro Fare 552.96
Bus Fare 2,298.02
Food 924.59
Souvenirs  1,184.92
TOTAL  12,056.14
TOTAL (without airfare,souvenirs & travel tax)  5,445.22

If you’d ask me what’s the top 3 things to do in Taiwan, this video sums it up:



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