10 Foods to try in East Asia

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East Asian cuisine includes Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, and Taiwanese food. Considering this is the most populated region of the world, it has many regional cuisines (especially China). Examples of staple foods include rice, noodles,  soy beans, seafood (Japan has the highest per capita consumption of seafood), bok choy (Chinese cabbage), and tea. 10. Eggette Eggette or known in Hong Kong as gai daan jai (鷄蛋仔) ranked no.1 in a 100 most popular Hong

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Solo Travel in Taiwan: Things to do

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My First Solo Travel in Taiwan   After Taiwan eased its visa policy to Philippine passport holders, I welcomed this good news as a sign to realize my long-awaited wanderlust to the heart of Asia. Another hint was the plunge of the airfare from MNL-Taipei.     Each time I travel, I always challenge myself to maximize it. My red-eye

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15 Foods to try in Taiwan

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Taiwanese food is the ultimate street food experience.  Quick nibbles, easy to carry and bite-sized, yet appetizing dishes have become popular. Asians, especially Filipinos, thrill to such foodstuffs since we relish in taking snacks every other hour, right? Being colonized by Chinese and Japanese, it’s no perplexity that Taiwanese cuisine has their former colonial masters’ influences but safe to say

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