Taiwan : Itinerary and Expenses

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My short, crazy, fast-paced 3-day solo Taiwan trip. If you’re this insane traveler like me, you may follow my itinerary (lol). I suggest not. However, I hope that this article can somehow give you idea on things you can do and how cheap to travel around  this pea-sized country is. If there’s one thing that I’m sure about my solo

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Solo Travel in Taiwan: Things to do

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My First Solo Travel in Taiwan   After Taiwan eased its visa policy to Philippine passport holders, I welcomed this good news as a sign to realize my long-awaited wanderlust to the heart of Asia. Another hint was the plunge of the airfare from MNL-Taipei.     Each time I travel, I always challenge myself to maximize it. My red-eye

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How I got a Taiwanese Visa

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  Recently, Taiwan relaxes its visa application rules to Philippine passport holders and now Filipinos can enter Taiwan visa- free until further advise. For any update, you may check their website: ROC Taiwan. However, last year when I visited the country, I had to obtain a Republic of China (ROC) certificate, a form of document that you need to present

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