Souvenir Ideas to buy in Myanmar

IMG 1944 Copy 2 860x280 - Souvenir Ideas to buy in Myanmar

Bordered by West Asia, East Asia and  Southeast Asia, I find Myanmar as culturally rich country. With this, it’s worth to it that one can chance upon bizarre, at the same time, alluring gifts and souvenirs as follows:   For those who appreciate its unique cultural element of Myanmar which is inspired by the colorful , mythical marionettes centuries ago;

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Day Trip in Yangon, Myanmar

IMG 1591 - Day Trip in Yangon, Myanmar

Myanmar is the 10th out of the 12th Southeast Asian Countries I’ve been to. Here is the breakdown of my expenses on my first day in Yangon. So, you think Myanmar is an expensive country? Well, it depends from where you are from and your itinerary & length of stay. Day 1 Destination Activities Cost 12MN- 5AM Manila-Bangkok Early Breakfast-

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