Foods to try in Lisbon, Portugal

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Like In Spain, Portuguese lunch is at 2 pm. Some restaurants are closed at noon. Hence, for someone with an Asian diet, wherein lunchtime means from 11am to 1pm, it takes a good amount of effort to wait until these restaurants are open again. Your itinerary for the day will have to be changed. Another realization for me on this

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Foods to Try in Hong Kong

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Hong kong is widely known for dim sum,  its national dish. (See also: Best ways to experience Hong Kong in a day ). This popular dish is one among the many familiar dishes in Hong kong such as the following:   This must be a  favorite comfort food among the Chinese households because most of the customers also ordered the same meal

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15 Foods to try in Taiwan

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Taiwanese food is the ultimate street food experience.  Quick nibbles, easy to carry and bite-sized, yet appetizing dishes have become popular. Asians, especially Filipinos, thrill to such foodstuffs since we relish in taking snacks every other hour, right? Being colonized by Chinese and Japanese, it’s no perplexity that Taiwanese cuisine has their former colonial masters’ influences but safe to say

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Top 5 foods discovered in Batanes

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When I was in Batanes, I was like,” Is this still part of the Philippines?”The wondering was just so inevitable because there’s really a different feeling you get from mesmerizing its unusual scenery.And this doesn’t end from here. There’s no way that you cannot try their strange cuisine unless you brought your own food. After all, isn’t it a good

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Must Try Foods in Binondo, Manila

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Visiting Manila, the cultural center of the Philippines, would not be complete without a food trip in Binondo, the world’s oldest Chinatown. When in Binondo, at least never fail to try these classic Chinese foods  as follows:   Almost every eateries and restaurants in Binondo have something unique to offer for the curious gourmand. But I felt lucky to stop

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Foods to Try in Cambodia

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Sandwiched between Southeast Asia’s culinary lions, Cambodia cuisine has often been over passed. But the best thing about Cambodian food is that we could readily relate them to neighboring Asian countries’ cooking specifically Chinese and our own Filipino foods. Here are some meals in Cambodia that you can identify  for sure as a Filipino, who also has a deep familiarity with Chinese

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Foods and Drinks to try in Laos

Laos - Foods and Drinks to try in Laos

  There’s nothing quite extraordinary about Lao food other than the similarity it shares with its Thailand and Vietnam neighbors. If there’s a distinct food that can be called as very Lao it would be the sticky rice, which is the essence of what it means to be a Lao. In fact, Lao refer themselves as “luk khao niaow”, which can be translated

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Foods to try in Poland

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I observed that Polish food is full of meat, sausages, cheese, and potatoes and chock-full of stuffing. Here are the foods I tried in Poland: 1. Pierogi – this semi-circular dumpling is Poland’s national snack. It is often filled with cheese, sometimes with potatoes and ground meats. 2. Stuffed chicken 3. Ziemniaki Gotowane – Simple boiled potatoes sparkled with parsley or dill.

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