BEIJING on a budget

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Population- 21M (2017) Area- 16K Currency- Chinese Yuan Daily budget (extreme)- 20 CNY (moderate)- 40-55 CNY High Speed Rails– Beijing serves as a large rail hub in China’s railway network. Roads and Expressways– Beijing’s urban transport is dependent upon the five “ring roads” that  surround the city, with the Forbidden City marked as the center. Subway– The Beijing Subway, which began operating in

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10 Foods to try in East Asia

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East Asian cuisine includes Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, and Taiwanese food. Considering this is the most populated region of the world, it has many regional cuisines (especially China). Examples of staple foods include rice, noodles,  soy beans, seafood (Japan has the highest per capita consumption of seafood), bok choy (Chinese cabbage), and tea. 10. Eggette Eggette or known in Hong Kong as gai daan jai (鷄蛋仔) ranked no.1 in a 100 most popular Hong

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Foods and Drinks to try in Beijing ,China

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The giant nation may have the typical gastronomical scene. This can be due to the fact that China has a major influence to almost all Asian cuisine. And some, if not most, of these foods actually originated from Mainland China. Some of the foods on this list may be found in other Asian countries but not limited to Taiwan, Hong

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