Souvenirs to buy in Zamboanga City

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Will it be your first time to visit Asia’s Latin city? If yes, then this is your opportunity to grab and take home items that you can only find in Zamboanga City.If not, at least they are sold cheaper here.       


4. Maggi Kari     


Basically, this is a type of Maggie noodles in curry , Malaysian flavor since Malaysia is very close to the city. You can definitely get this without going to Malaysia.



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3. Apollo

You might have heard this name before. It’s simply chocolate wafer sticks made from Malaysia. And since Zamboanga is nearer to Malaysia than Manila, it’s easy to see why the big difference in price. A pack of Apollo can cost between 60-80 php here.It depends with the store and your haggling skills. It also comes in various flavors like pandan, strawberry among others.     


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2. Yakan-weaving products

For a unique souvenir item,it’s worth a visit to the Yakan Village of Zamboanga to get that famous masterpieces of Yakan weavers. The pattern and color combination reflecting the weavers’ creativity and originality are bright and loud. Aside from bags, their masterpieces also come in the form of wallets or scarves.The handbag above costs only 500 php.


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Colorful and beautiful silk shawls are rare to find in the Philippines unless you are in Mindanao. In Zamboanga,these shawls are  disposed of everywhere. The shawl above only costs 100php ,can you believe that? It was originally at 150 php  before the bargain.It’s what we called barato y bonito (affordable yet beautiful).      

zambo7 1024x576 - Souvenirs to buy in Zamboanga City

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