Souvenir Ideas to buy in Malaysia

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1. Local Wine

Interested to try their local wine?  You can opt to bring this punch that is made from wine for just 40 RM.

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2. Malaysian dolls


Aren’t they cute? And more with their traditional clothing. The female wears a Kebaya, a traditional blouse and dress which is believed to be originally from Indonesia. The male’s attire is called the Baju Melayu, a tunic over pants draped over with a sarong around the hips.


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3.Fabric-made crafts


Malaysia, just like Indonesia and Philippines, is known for their colorful, intricate fabric designs. Thus, the result of fabric -designed products such as toys, sling bags, jewelry organizers, etc.


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4. Indian accessories


You know Indians love accessories and jewelry, right? Choose from their enticing hand-crafted goods, bead work necklaces from Borneo or finely made gold and silver jewelry adorned with gems. Abundance of them especially at the Indian town.


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5. Photo souvenir


Bond first with these colorful Malaysian birds so you can keep a photo souvenir with them at the Art gallery cave of the Batu caves.


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6. Batik[/su_heading]


One of the unique Malaysian fabrics with free flowing designs is the batik. Unlike painted or printed fabrics, the colors in batik are more resistant to wear  because the cloth is completely immersed in dye.


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7. Chocolate


Did you know that Malaysia has the largest cocoa processing industry in Asia/Oceania, followed by Indonesia and Singapore? In fact, it is the 5th largest processing country in the world, after the Netherlands, the USA, the Ivory Coast and Germany. So,grab their  mouthwatering chocolates at an affordable price.


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8. Hand-woven crafts


Be awed at the creative hand-woven crafts of Malaysia. Local plant fibers and parts from bamboo, rattan, and pandan  leaves are coiled, plaited, twined and woven to produce items such as bags, baskets, mats, hats, and sepak raga balls.


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What do you think of these Malaysian souvenirs? Please feel free to comment.

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