Souvenir Ideas to buy in South Korea

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In a country where shopping centers and malls are ubiquitous, as in almost every district there are; choosing which or where to buy souvenirs can be overwhelming. I highly recommend visiting the Namdaemun Market  for a one-stop souvenir shopping in South Korea. But as to which souvenir items you can anticipate purchasing, here are some ideas:


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1.Cute Hanboks

Hanbok is a representative of traditional Korean dress that can be a unique souvenir to bring home.


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2. House decors

Buy somethings  to adorn your house walls that can be both handy and useful.




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3. Small magnets and keychains

Staple souvenir items, magnets and keychains are simple, easy souvenirs to carry to for your friends and relatives back home.


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4. Hats

I noticed that Koreans love accessories, particularly sunglasses and hats. Be stylish with these hundred of hat designs to choose from.


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5. Souvenir t-shirts

Another common souvenir whenever we go to another destination are the t-shirts that indicate the name of that place where we traveled to.Perhaps Korean football jerseys if you’re into sports.


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6. Coats and jackets

As a 4-season country, you can find here affordable selection of coats and jackets.  No need to take a look at second hand Korean jackets or coats from our thrifty stores in the Philippines. There are better, more pretty designs laid out here.


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7. Fans

Whether it is for practical purpose, or merely the beautiful paintings on it that makes it an ideal adornment  at home, fan is something useful one can consider buying. Your girlfriends will love them!


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Do you have other souvenir ideas to add on the list? Please feel free to share.

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