Shwedagon & other Pagodas Tour in Yangon

On my second day in Yangon, Myanmar , I spent less. Most of my expenses went to transportation since I had to travel from Yangon to another impressive place in Myanmar, Bagan. They say that the main pagoda in downtown Yangon is so huge so I spared the first half of my day visiting the Shwedagon Pagoda. In the afternoon, I traveled to the ancient city of Bagan, known as well for its thousands of old temples being the capital of the country’s ancient kingdom.



Day 2  Destination Activities Cost
8:00 AM 20th  Hostel Breakfast free
9:00 AM Shwedagon Pagoda From the bus station between Sule Pagoda and Sule Square, rode city bus to Shwedagon Pagoda 200 kyats/.15 USD
10 AM- 12 NN Paid entrance. Wandering around Shwedagon Pagoda 8000 kyats/6 USD

12 NN- 2 PM Maha Pagoda Climbing down the Shwedagon Pagoda, turned right, walked for 5 minutes and reached Maha Pagoda Free
Beforre entering said pagoda, there’s a canteen to stop for lunch
Lunch meal-fish curry meal 1800 kyats/1.3 USD
1 L Bottled water 300 kyats/.20 USD
hot tea 300 kyats/.20 USD


2:00 PM 20th hostel Rode a taxi back to the hostel 2000 kyats/1.5 USD
Aung Mingalar Bus Station Checked out at the hostel. Walked again to Sule to ride bus #36 going to Aung Mingalar Bus Station 200 kyats/.15 USD


4:00:00 PM- 7 PM Khine Mandalay Bus Station From the Mingalar station, rode a taxi going to the station of the bus  booked en route to Bagan. 1500 kyats/1 USD
Snacks- pucci cake 1500 kyats/1 USD
Bottled Iced tea 700 kyats/.50 USD
Dinner- Shrimp curry meal at a canteen 3000 kyats/2 USD
Bus departed at 7 PM  with 1 L bottled water, wet tissues,toothpaste & toothbrush 11  USD

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Day 2 Expense

Tour 6 USD
Transport 12.3 USD
Food 5.2 USD
Total Expense 23.5 USD/1,170 Php

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