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Bonjour, comment allez-vous? je mapelle Anna La Viajera. Bienvenue à Paris, France.


We all know that eating out in France isn’t that cheap. I traveled to France from Belgium by bus for around 4 hours. Then, I searched for my hostel and rode the metro to reach it. The following day, after my breakfast, I was ready for my whole-day waking tour around Paris.


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With a city as beautiful as Paris, I don’t mind getting lost  and wandering around the entire day.  Any attraction can be your starting point. I suggest you start by  Arch de Triomphe, an imposing Parisian landmark which is located at the head of the celebrated avenue de Champs-Elysees where you can find a variety of fast foods and shops.


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Avenue de Champs-Elysees is the most stylish avenue I’ve ever seen in my life!

Theatres, cafés, and luxury shops line up its sides. Important events are also being held here such as the annual Bastille Day military parade and Tour de France cycle race.


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Look what I found at Avenue de Champs-Elysees


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Then, I passed by Museo de Bellas Artes de la villa Paris. Crossing the river from here is a good view of the Eiffel tower. A short walk after is the Les invaldes.


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The buildings house the Musée de l’Armée, the military museum of the Army of France, the Musée des Plans-Reliefs, and the Musée d’Histoire Contemporaine, as well as the Dôme des Invalides, a large church with the tombs of some of France’s war heroes, most notably Napoleon Bonaparte.


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Going back to avenue des Champs Elysee lead to the traffic-clogged Place de la Concorde with a gold-tipped at it center which was presented to the city by the viceroy of Egypt.


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Beyond lies the Jardin les Tuileries. You’ll pass the The Musée d’Orsay , a museum in Paris, on the Left Bank of the Seine. On its east side is the most famous museum, Louvre, with its main entrance  via the iconic glass pyramid.


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Walk further until you see the astounding Gothic Cathedral de Notre dame  which dated from 14th century.


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Rode a metro to get off at station  Lafayette, nearest station to 9e Arrt Rue De Maubeuge   in Paris. Passed by Hotel de paris in 37 Rue De Maubeugwere  Dr. Jose Rizal stayed during his stay in Paris. Continue walking straight until you see the Place Jose Rizal a small park named after our Philippine national hero.


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And saving the best for last is Gustave’s iconic Eiffel tower which is at its most impressive at night when fully illuminated.


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There you go , my 1-day walking tour in Paris. Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did.


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