15 Souvenir ideas to buy in Mexico

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With a country where everything is vast and beautiful,there’s definitely a lot of blank spaces to fill in when it comes to choosing vacation spots, best places to eat and dine and even souvenirs to take home along with you to remind you of how unforgettable your stay was in Mexico. Sharing with you are some souvenir ideas to buy in Mexico:  

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Best Things to do in Tenancingo, Mexico

mexs11 540x280 - Best Things to do in Tenancingo, Mexico

Tenancingo is a large municipality in the state of Mexico, located just outside the Toluca Valley. If you have a week or two, you might check out these 5 best things that you can do while in this colonial town.   5.Climb the Cristo Rey. Pump up your adrenaline rush with a climb to Cristo Rey. Get your comfy sneakers

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15 Foods to try in Taiwan

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Taiwanese food is the ultimate street food experience.  Quick nibbles, easy to carry and bite-sized, yet appetizing dishes have become popular. Asians, especially Filipinos, thrill to such foodstuffs since we relish in taking snacks every other hour, right? Being colonized by Chinese and Japanese, it’s no perplexity that Taiwanese cuisine has their former colonial masters’ influences but safe to say

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Tagaytay Weekend Travel Guide for first-timers

1Eat31474198111 - Tagaytay Weekend Travel Guide for first-timers

Tagaytay seems to have the essential factors that need to consider when traveling- vicinity from the metro, food galore, and the adventure. The best time to visit Tagaytay falls from November to April where season is dry. But its average temperature stands at24 °C (75 °F) which makes the city ideal for family weekend getaways and as a summer destination,

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How I got my Mexican Visa

mex20 720x280 - How I got my Mexican Visa

“Why Mexico?,” the General Consul of the Mexican embassy asked me with a sly smile in his face. “Por que Mexico?,” I greeted him in Spanish and our conversation continued in this language. I reasoned out that I love to go to Mexico to improve my Spanish, at the same time,to travel around Mexico City and some states in Central Mexico. He was curious how I learn their language

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Free Things to do in Mexico

mex13 1 860x280 - Free Things to do in Mexico

Due to the far distance between Mexico and Philippines, it takes more effort for Filipinos to travel there. However, the moment you step into the land of tacos and tequila, you will discover that traveling around Mexico won’t cost you a fortune. Apparently, there a plenty of things to do in this huge country that are free.   1.A pilgrimage

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10 Best Things to do in Batam in 24 hours

batam5 860x280 - 10 Best Things to do in Batam in 24 hours

During our visit in Singapore, we dedicated one full day for a side trip in Indonesia. But not in Jakarta or Bali. It was in Batam. It is one quiet touristic place in Indonesia that is just an hour away from the bustling city of Singapore. Our whole itinerary included these 10 best things that one can do for a

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15 Secret Free things to do in Singapore

sing9 860x280 - 15 Secret Free things to do in Singapore

  They say Singapore is one of the most expensive countries to travel. As a matter-of-fact, I spent lesser in this City of Lion than in Malaysia or South Korea. The secret? Probably because the city is small and most touristic spots  are gathered in one area. And the best thing about it is that most of them are free. Here are the

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Top 5 foods discovered in Batanes

curacha 2 860x280 - Top 5 foods discovered in Batanes

When I was in Batanes, I was like,” Is this still part of the Philippines?”The wondering was just so inevitable because there’s really a different feeling you get from mesmerizing its unusual scenery.And this doesn’t end from here. There’s no way that you cannot try their strange cuisine unless you brought your own food. After all, isn’t it a good

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Batanes: South Batan Tour

batanes123 1 860x280 - Batanes: South Batan Tour

On our second day in Batanes, our entire day  was devoted to a whole day tour to the southern part of the island. This tour costs us at 1,500php only.   1.Mahatao idjang & boat shelter boat The dock is normally aligned with cargo boats and ferries going to other Batan group of islands. Along this area is a moderately-constructed

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