DIY Cagayan De Oro Trip

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3 risk-taking adventures in one visit. Where all to start but at the adventure capital of the Philippines, and that’s no other than Cagayan de Oro.

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12 Things to see in Camiguin for 2 days

DIY Camiguin Island Tour   I would like to call this pear-shaped island as Philippines’ Hawaii Island. Like the latter, this Island Born of Fire has several volcanoes on it. This islet comprises of five municipalities that offers a variety of tourist attractions. How to get there: CDO-Camiguin (3hours) From our hotel, Oscar and I rode a jeepney going to Divisoria to

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12 Best things to see in Bohol in 2 Days

n6JbP1474198964 - 12 Best things to see in Bohol in 2 Days

Maayong pag-abot sa Bohol! One of the most attractive cities in the Philippines, Bohol is one rich, green countryside escape which attracts hordes of travelers for its world- famous Chocolate hills, picturesque natural scenery and unique species such as tarsier and python. It can be easily visited by ferry from Cebu for a cost of 400php one way. But today, it’s

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5 exciting things to do in Puerto Princesa

pp7 - 5 exciting things to do in Puerto Princesa

Puerto Princesa is the city center of the biggest province in the Philippines, PALAWAN. So, it is not surprising that this city has a lot of activities to offer to travelers. Rounding off are the 5 best things to do in Puerto Princesa. 1.Underground river tour – hailed as one of the new seven wonders of the nature, this UNESCO

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5 Things to do in Ilocos

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Ilocos has always charmed visitors for its historical structures and unique features that you can only find in this true gem of the north. If there are 5 best places that you can visit in this region, I would recommend the following places : 1. Paoay Church First stop was at Paoay Church, known formally as St. Augustine Church. This

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Cebu Walking Tour

1CQRE1474034970 - Cebu Walking Tour

Why Cebu is the Queen City of the South Being the first established city in the Philippines, traveling to Cebu is like walking into the historical past. Our first exploration to the glorious city of Cebu is passing along the oldest street in the country, the Colon Street. Once in Cebu, we  headed to the Weesam Express Ferry ticket booth

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Zambales Weekend Travel Guide for First-Timers

zambales - Zambales Weekend Travel Guide for First-Timers

Island Hopping adventure in Zambales If you want a mixed adventure of island hopping and camping in one visit, consider Zambales. 20 years ago, this northern Luzon province was a tree-tangled  wilderness. But now, it gradually reaches the wanderers ‘ears set off by the famous mangoes that this province produces. Such popularity is widely spread even on the other side of the

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Things to do in Thailand in 2 days + Street Foods to try

DAY 1 Temple Hopping in Bangkok It’s bold. It’s made of gold. Tourists gang up in Thailand for several golden reasons: its spicy food, its tropical beaches, its shopping centers and it  is probably the first stop/ choice  in one’s Southeast Asian travel, especially those coming from the west side of the world. But why Thailand? Other Asian countries have their own proud

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Things to do in Cambodia in a day

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When did the mystery of Angkor Wat temples begin to uncover?  Was it when in 1586, Antonio da Madalena visited this “such extraordinary construction” which he can’t help but admitted that “it is not possible to describe it with a pen, particularly since it is like no other building in the world”? According to the Portuguese monk,   Angkor Wat “has towers and decoration

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8 Free Things to do In Seoul

Seoul is undeniably one of the most expensive countries to visit in Asia. It is a matter of resourcefulness, and luck, maybe, to be able to spend less there. Better yet, check out for some travel guides who will give you tips on traveling South Korea on a budget.   I’m following this Korean blogger and religiously clicked all the

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