Myanmar Itinerary & Expenses DAY 3 Bagan

 Third day in Myanmar was spent in the ancient city of Bagan. And what’s the best thing that you can do when in the Kingdom of Pagan? Actually, a lot.  The first thing I did upon arriving at Bagan was to patiently wait for the orangey sun to come out. I arrived at the Bagan bus station as early as 4 am. It took me an hour to negotiate and made a deal with the taxi driver for my temple tour. Sadly, there were no other taxis waiting in the terminal for options. At 5 am, the Bagan temple tour started:
Day 3 Destination Activities Cost
4:00 AM Bagan Arrived at the bus station
Bagan Bagan Temple Hopping tour (Whole day)- more than 15 temples 65000 kyats/4.8 USD
Lunch- Burmese Food Buffet
2 Myanmar Food ( me & the tour guide/driver) 10000 kyats/7.4 USD
iced coffee 1500 kyats/1 USD

The tour included all the temples in Bagan; unlimited. non-stop hopping. as long as you like it. In a day. More or less, I was able to hop 15 temples for that day. Can you guess which is the most beautiful Bagan temple among these according to my tour guide?

Bagan water 400 kyats/.30 USD
Bagan Souvenirs- Bagan T-shirt 5000 kyats/3.7 USD
6:00 PM Inle Lake Bagan Shwe Pyi Highway Bus to Nyaung Shwe Inle Lake 11 USD


Tour 4.8 USD
Souvenirs 3.7 USD
Transport 11 USD
Food 8.7 USD
Total Expense 28.2 USD/1,404 Php

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