Must Try Foods In South Korea

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I traveled to South Korea for its  contrasting age-old temples and cutting-edge city life. But as I traveled back in time or fast forward to the future, there is one thing that makes me live in the present South Korea– that is their FOOD. My taste bud never got bored, instead it got challenged, as I tried and savored each South Korean food I encountered along the way. Here are the mouth-watering foods I relished in during my visit in this country that is a paradise on earth for both techies and foodies out there:


1.Korean Chicken Skewers

Not your typical dry and dull Barbecue. The chewiness of the meat is just right. But if you want your palate to be challenged, go for the spicy one. It tastes better. Just try one or two sticks to refill your empty stomach and I’m sure you’ll never regret you tried them. You will never question the quality of street food again. Moreover, they are safe and clean. Notice  the absence of flies and insects around. Miracle. In my country, these bugs are your competitors in kissing the food first. Never in South Korea.


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2. Twigim

Those deep-fried or batter-dipped street foods, so crispy on the outside and so soft in the inside, oh those so- called twigims. They can be sweet  potatoes, shrimps,squids, crab meats, dumplings, or stuffed peppers or any street food that might flow in your mind.Yes, those that will leave you undecided which one to choose, yet in the end, you get each of them anyway. If you get the assorted ones, they normally give you a soup as well.


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3.Fresh Juice

It seems that Koreans like sipping and drinking their fresh fruits . Be it mangoes, oranges, sugarcane, expect these fruits are already squeezed so you can drink their juices placed in plastics. No wonder Koreans have healthy skin. They like everything fresh and that’s healthy.


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4. Bingsu/Traditional Korean ice cream

Speaking of fresh and fruits, Koreans know how to put to use the fresh concept not only in their drinks but also in their dessert. I’m referring to their ice cream. Korean ice cream is a hit but why not try the oldest, shall we say traditional ice cream in Korea? The Bingsu…Its full of square-cut fresh mangoes, accompanied with sweet red beans and a cup of yellow ice cream, perhaps with a mango flavor as well. And the creamy, sweet ice, ohhh! I don’t mind it’s freezing cold in heaven. But really, it’s worth a try. The one I did was in Shilla Hotel, only that it’s so pricey for me. I think it was 42,000 won! However, I saw some in Namdaemun market, they only cost around 8,000 won. What a difference!


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5. Korean Bread

If you love their spicy food, you’ll love the sweet side of their food like the  sweet bread. And when almost in every corner, there’s a coffee shop or bakery, it is just inevitable to order a cup of coffee (especially when it’s cold) with a pair of bread early morning.


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6. Egg Bread

Going back to street food (told you Street food is South Korea‘s specialty), one must try is the egg bread. I found a lot of them in Myeongdong. It looks attractive with the eye-popping eggs in the middle. Its delicious-look won’t deceive you to its delightful taste. Promise. The reason it’s a popular street food.


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7. Kimchi seashells with egg roll

I was proud that I got to reserve and stay in a hostel in Myeongdong as the latter has just a lot of good stuff to offer aside from being the commercial center of Seoul. One of them is this unique kimchi seashells that accompanied best our beers. According to the  friendly waitress, Kloud is the most popular beer in Seoul , so we chose to try it. Aside from the seashells, the good-for-2 order also came in with a soup and  a huge egg roll, some appetizers that included peanuts and cucumber dipped in chili sauce. Really it was the best!


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This was one of the best food we paired with our Korean cold beers  called Cass on our last night in Seoul. I heard of the blood sausages known in South Korea but since it was unavailable, we tried other sausages on offer that night. Really, this is one of the best beer-food pairings we ever have tried. Perhaps for you too.


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9. Fried Chicken

Another favorite food in Korea to compliment their cold beers is  the crispy Korean Fried Chicken. No, it’s far more soft and tender than the KFC fast food we’ve known. We wanted to try the spicy ones but it seemed that we’re not so lucky that night as they were not available already. Anyway, these fried ones were also so tasteful to go with the refreshing beers.

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10. International Cuisine

Itaewon appears to be the New York City of South Korea. Its a street where there are more international restaurants than the local ones. I even spotted a  par of Filipino restaurants. For a change of flavor, we did have a fling with an international cuisine while in South Korea. Among the myriad of options, at the end, we chose an Arabian food. That’s because my partner, Oscar, wanted their pita bread that looked like their tortillas.


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13. Mandu/ Korean Dumplings

Dumplings are my favorite snack or go to food. But the most decent dumplings I have tried are these boiled Korean dumplings. The filling had more vegetables than the minced meat and it tasted just right;  not too salty or very bland.

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14. Korean soup

If there’s one thing that you should try in South Korea, it must be their soup. Most of their soup are heavy on vegetables, then,  a portion of meat or dumplings and some garnishes of peppers or chili paste. The sauce was always creamy and looked very nutritious.


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15.Traditional Korean dish

Never leave Korea without trying their traditional dish like this one that come with a dozens of side dishes or banchan. A feast indeed for the soul. Aside from the bowls of rice, it was also composed of tofu soup, steamed crabs, bulgogi, dried fishes, japchae/stir noodles,fish pancake,then began the wide variety of banchan such as kimchi, radishes,onions, jalapeno,dried small fishes, among others.


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16. 32 cm Twist Ice cream Cone

I found this tallest chocolate-vanilla ice cream I’ve ever tasted for 2,000 won in Myeongdong. It tasted like the regular choco ice cream I tried before but due to its unique presentation, it caught my attention to give it a try.


17. Coffee

Koreans love their coffee so much that almost in every corner , you’ll always chance upon a coffee shop if not Starbucks. For a cheaper option, buy coffee at a friendly convenient store.


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18. Dragon’s Breath


This is the dessert that turns you into a smoke-breathing dragon. Curious where the smoke comes from? Its the liquid nitrogen that makes this magic works. These icy cereal balls dessert is popular among adults and kids alike.


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