Foods to try in Ilocos

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Ilocos is truly the gleaming gem of the North not only for its awe-inspiring sights, thrilling adrenaline adventure and historic edifices;  but also for its appetizing foods that will fill your senses.47308703 10217940802261693 8820937269121646592 n - Foods to try in Ilocos

    • Hidden Garden- good food selection with good ambiance
    • Max’s Restaurant- for bagnet
    • Coffee Break- the only restaurant I know that opens the earliest at 7:30am
    •  Vigan Public Market- try here their sinanglao                               
    • Tartaruga’s Hotel and Restaurant- the best poqui-poqui I tried

Almost all the eating places whether popularly recommended or not won’t disappoint you. I also observed that there is just a slight difference among the prices of some of these food establishments that I tried.

14. Sugarcane Toffee
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13. Warek warek                                                                                                   Ilocanos ‘ sisig version made from pig ears and loaded with spices. I am starting to wonder why Ilocos is not the cuisine capital of the Philippines . 47432184 10217940800861658 4112296667544289280 n - Foods to try in Ilocos12.Dinengdeng

It’s their pinakbet version without the squash that adds the sweet taste into it. It’s the wilder pinakbet  version, just full here chicken choked of healthy vegetables.

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11.Tinubong                                                                                                    Glutinous rice flour, coconut milk and shredded coconut cooked in a bamboo tube. It is basically suman stored in a bamboo tube instead of banana leaves.IMG 0981 1024x575 - Foods to try in Ilocos

10. Bagnet

When you’re in Ilocos, you wouldn’t want to leave without trying it’s famous bagnet, a deep fry pork belly similar to Lechon Kawali.47378685 10217940778741105 5372504140217843712 n - Foods to try in Ilocos

9. Chichacorn
Ilocos has a lot of corn plantation and pork meal. It’s no wonder that they combine these 2 loved staples into a one unique snack.IMG 0923 1024x575 - Foods to try in Ilocos
8. Sinanglao 
 This seems to be Ilocanos ‘ favorite morning soup or as a dinner filler. Its bitter taste reminds me of papaitan.But its meat that is made from liver, pancreas,intestines and other  innard parts of the beef makes me feel like I am eating exotic barbecue in a hot , hearty soup.47447954 10217940806421797 4198505586117050368 n - Foods to try in Ilocos
7.  Pinakbet
I love that Ilocanos eat as much as vegetables as meat to balance the taste and to get the best of both worlds.
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6. Basi (local sugarcane wine)

It’s the wine version of the Ilocanos that is made from sugarcane.47215315 10217940803661728 7358354257470291968 n - Foods to try in Ilocos

5. Bibingka and other rice cake   

Their bibingka is not the usual round shape cakey one. It looks like a buko pie or cassava cake to me at first.

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4. Carrot cake

I love carrots,be it as a juice or salad.As a cake? Well,I was not convinced until I tried the carrot cake at La Preciosa in Laoag. The sweet taste of the carrots really came out.I have tried other  carrot cakes since then but none tastes better. So for me this is the best carrot cake in the Philippines.555033 10200711809627645 406161671 n - Foods to try in Ilocos

3. Vigan longganisa

The  longganisa in Vigan tastes like some sausages I tried in Spain-peppery and salty.  I love when longganisa or the sausage is salty and not sweet.

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2. Poqui-poqui

There were just a plenty of Ilocano food on the menu that sounds interesting to me but at a first look on this name of the dish, I got intrigued. In my dialect,poqui means the sexual organ of a woman! It must be an exotic food,I told to myself.After we got the order,I examined the food and saw nothing exotic in its ingredients,just the common eggplant, tomato and eggs which are also found in fried eggplant( tortang talong). When I got to taste it, I finally knew what makes it extraordinary.It has the balance of salty and pungent flavor and it tastes more creamy and savory than the usual dry tortang talong. Definitely a must try once in Ilocos.530909 10200711812827725 1695137927 n - Foods to try in Ilocos

1. Empanada

the most well-known dish from Ilocos is the Empanada which can be found along the Vigan streets and normally priced at 35php. This well-loved street food is like a taco, only that the thin, crispy crust is made from rice flour which is mixed with atchuete(orange food color)  ,salt and pepper. While its fillings are made from green papaya,raw egg and skinless Vigan longganisa. It is dipped with vinegar.47326151 10217940805021762 308819221008089088 n - Foods to try in Ilocos

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