Kuala Lumpur City Day Tour

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13 places to see in one day? Yes, it’s possible. Check how we did it.


The draining climb to the Batu Caves challenged us to wake up early the next morning.  The larger arrow of the room clock ticking at 8 was clearly marking our sleepy heads to stand up and get ready for the scheduled 9am -half-day city tour.

The Kuala Lumpur city tour started from the quintessential symbol of Malaysia, the Petronas Towers and ended to its symbolic national square, Merdeka Square. The English-speaking Chinese tour guide amusingly explained us the significance of each of the sites visited.  

Here are the 6 amazing attractions we toured in half day:

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1. Petronas Twin Towers (Menara Petronas)


This postmodern Malaysian landmark is the tallest twin towers in the world and were the tallest buildings in the world from 1998 to 2004 before Taipei 101 was constructed.

If you want to skip the line and admire the panoramic views:

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2. King’s Palace (Istana Negara)


Built in 1928, it is only until 1957 that it was converted into a palace of His Majesty, Sultan of Selangor after having been a residence of a Chinese millionaire and Japanese during the Japanese occupation.


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3. National Museum (Muzium Negara)


Located on Jalan Damansara, the museum is a good venue to get an overview of the Malaysian history and culture.

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4. National Monument (Tugu Negara)


located at Persiaran Salahuddin road near the Tasik Perdana (Lake Gardens), this national monument contains also the world’s tallest bronze freestanding sculpture grouping which commemorates those who died for Malaysia’s freedom especially during the WW II and the Malayan emergency. Located on the federal capital, every July 31, the Malaysian government pays respect to the fallen heroes by laying garlands at the monument.


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5. Jadi Batek Gallery


This batik and handicraft center is  a  popular KL shopping destination where you can buy great Malaysian batik items and souvenirs. You can also check here how Malaysian artisans design the batik.

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6. Chocolate Kingdom


For chocolate lovers like me, Chocolate Kingdom is a good place to satisfy your indulgence and buy some sweet souvenirs back home. I liked their truffles though. It also has presentations on the history of chocolate, a Nahuatl word, originating from Mexico.


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The tour guide let us dropped off at the historical park of Malaysia, Merdeka Square. It was one of the historical sites as classified by the Malaysian Heritage Society. From this square we kicked off our afternoon Malaysian city walking tour on our own. Here are the  tourist spots that comprise this afternoon tour:

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1. Merdeka Square


Perhaps this square is familiar to you if you’re a fanatic of Amazing race reality show. The said square is equivalent to our very own Rizal Park where the annual national day parade is held, only that its grander. Its historical importance commenced when the Malaysian flag was raised for the first time at midnight on 31 August 1957.


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2. India town

Getting off at the heart of Kuala Lumpur where Merdeka square stands, you’ll have the option to walk continuously to the right or to the left, either way, you will still end up  to a small town of India. But instinct told us to saunter towards the left side of the celebrated square.


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3. Sultan Abdul Samad Building


Overlooking Merdeka Square is the significant landmark left by the British, the Sultan Abdul Samad Building. The Indian –inspired architecture designed by a British, A. C Norman in 1897 was the most photographed structure of Malaysia before the completion of Petronas Towers. For several years, it housed the Supreme Court before billeting the Ministry of Heritage, Culture and Arts.


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4. Kuala Lumpur City Gallery


You can take selfies here with the huge, bold KL letter stands.

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4. Central Market


Keep on walking to the right until you turn up, a few minutes later, at Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock (Foch Avenue) where the Central Market Kuala Lumpur is located. It is called as such since in the beginning, it was a wet market in 1888. In due course, it was transformed into its current Art Deco style in 1937. Presently, it still functions as a market but styled in a stall concept. The ground floor area quarters the Little India section, along with the Straits Chinese while the second floor accommodates the food court.

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5. Little India


There’s also a little piece of India inside the Central Market. Varied pieces of Indian textile and clothing are on sale.


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A few walks from Central Market reveals a different society of Malaysia, the Chinese. Inside Chinatown, you’ll find numerous items sold in affordable prices.


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Jalan Alor Street


It was getting late after a brief window shopping in Central Market and Chinatown, when we decided to refill our stomach. We already ate Indian food, this time we tried Chinese cuisine at the famous food street in Malasyia, the Jalan Alor for dinner.


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