How I got my Mexican Visa

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“Why Mexico?,” the General Consul of the Mexican embassy asked me with a sly smile in his face. “Por que Mexico?,” I greeted him in Spanish and our conversation continued in this language. I reasoned out that I love to go to Mexico to improve my Spanish, at the same time,to travel around Mexico City and some states in Central Mexico. He was curious how I learn their language and speak it so well. I directly replied in Instituto Cervantes for 2 years.

Then,he browsed my documents  and while skimming my COE, he inquired about my profession and my responsibilities at work. I answered him stating that I’ve been working for almost 3 years in a finance department as a bilingual account executive. Subsequently he confirmed my length of stay in Mexico. I said that it will be for 4 weeks, just enough time to practice the language besides my employer approved of this month-long vacation.

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Done with his questions, he forwarded my documents to a Filipino officer,who brought me to his station for a short interview and it was in Spanish as well! Wow,he can already speak Spanish now!,I.thought to myself. 6 months ago when I dropped by here to solicit the requirements,he didn’t. He raised just one question , “Where have you been already?”. I simply responded with names of 7 countries in Asia and  some regions of the Philippines where I have traveled since 2012. Without further ado,  he instructed me to go inside the booth for picture-taking.So that’s it?My visa is now approved?!


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The officer advised me to come back on the following day for the visa! Yes, I heard him right,crystal clear he uttered visa.the next day I arrived at around 9 am at the embassy but no one was around except a couple of seamen and the guard. The latter didn’t allow me to enter but just got my ID then returned it  back with my Mexican visa! That’s it (Short but sweet).This was my first visa application ever and not even single drop of was drifted off my pores.Viva Mexico!

But I think what made my first Mexican visa application successful is due to the complete requirements I submitted. As a single, employed individual, I prepared just 9 of the documents listed below( in bold).


TOURIST VISA Requirements:

  • Duly filled up Application Form.  (Available from the Embassy or downloadable from the website: visa forms). For minors, both parents must sign the application form.
  • Passport (with validity of at least six months). Photocopies of the passport.
  • 2 pictures (1.5” x 1.5” (inch in size). WHITE BACKGROUND
  • A photocopy of the U.S, Canadian, U.K., Japan, or Shengen Visa (if any) is required depending on the route of the trip.
  • One Valid Identification card original and photocopy (photocopy the front and back side of the card) Please present any of the following:

o   Driver’s License

o   SSS / GSIS ID card

o   Company ID

o   Valid Student ID

  • Financial solvency. Provide All of the following (original and photocopy):

o   Valid International Credit Card (photocopy the backside of the card where signature can be found)

o   Paid Credit Card Statements/Billing statements of credit card (for the last 3 months)

o   Updated bank Statements / Certifications- ask it from your bank (100Php charge for BPI clients)

o   Updated Passbooks/ Bank Books (front page & page with last updated amount

o   Income Tax Return Paper (if employed); Business ownership certifications, duly registered by the Securites and Exchange Commission (SEC). (if self-employed)

o   Business Ownership Certifications, duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) (if self-employed)

o For Married Couples applying for the visa, separate set of documentation is required.  Please provide the Marriage Contract upon application.

o For Parents and Children applying together for the visa, please present the Birth Certificate/s of the children. Both parents must sign the application form of the child.

o Certification of Employment (original).- at least issued within a month

o Personal Appearance

o   A consular interview will take place in the Embassy, thus the personal presences y non-negotiable. The consular officer has the right to reject any application should the candidate does not pass said interview.

NOTE: Passengers traveling by Cruise Ship are not required to get a visa.


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