Free Things to do in Mexico

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Due to the far distance between Mexico and Philippines, it takes more effort for Filipinos to travel there. However, the moment you step into the land of tacos and tequila, you will discover that traveling around Mexico won’t cost you a fortune. Apparently, there a plenty of things to do in this huge country that are free.


1.A pilgrimage to Sanctuario de Chalma

This sanctuary is visited by hundred of tourists and is the second most visited shrine after Basilica de Guadalupe. Its river is believed to have the same healing power as the miraculous water of Lourdes in France.

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2.Stroll around the centro

The best way to observe Guadalajara’s culture and daily lives is by strolling around the city center. From its Hispanic churches, theaters to colonial streets and shops, there are a lot more to see in this lively city. If you are into arts, you can get to see these street artists performing along the streets,  either in the form of acting  or playing their musical instruments. Some painters exhibit their artworks and demonstrate their painting or drawing skills altogether as you pass along.

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3. Visit Cosmovitram Jardín Botánico and the Toluca  centro.

Toluca boasts its beautiful 19th century colonial architectures downtown.  Around its downtown area are many interesting parks, gardens, museums, churches, theaters, stores, restaurants, hotels and government offices which are walking distance among each other. I heard that the current president of Mexico got married in the church of Toluca. One of the buildings that caught my attention was the Cosmovitral. I was uncertain what type of building it was. From the outside, it looks like a church, then when you get inside, you know you got it wrong, it isn’t  a cathedral with stained glass windows, it is a conservatory filled with various species of plants, cactus, flowers and trees that are too good for a picture-taking, better yet, buy one of them that you like the most.  It used to be a market though.

4.Climb the Cristo Rey.

Pump up your adrenaline rush with a climb to Cristo Rey in Tenancingo, a municipality of Toluca. Get your comfy sneakers ready to step more than 1000 until you get to the top of the valley where the enormous structure of Cristo Rey is seated. The  arduous clamber is worth it once the  lush and florid view of the entire city at 360 angle is revealed before your eyes.

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5.Visit the Desierto del Carmen.

One rewarding journey is a pilgrimage to the Desierto del Carmen. This is one authentic colonial jewel that I found in Mexico. One can feel the tranquil and serene ambiance while going up the hill to this convent. It is a monastery of the Carmelites inhabited by  6 monks who became isolated from the material world. We didn’t get to meet the monks on our visit though.

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6. Paying a visit to their colonial churches

I thought Philippines is the most religious country in the world as I associated it with us being the sole country with no divorce.Among other reason is that we Filipinos, pray and forgive for the sake of a happy , intact family and this is brought by our faith in God Almighty. However, when I visited the Basilica de Guadalupe and other churches nearby in Mexico, I saw how religious, prayerful and devoted Mexicans are. In Guadalajara, when I attended a mass at its Cathedral, I was taken by surprise that most of the attendees were men; from mid 30’s and above. This is just a trivia guys. Anyway, for Catholics, I highly suggest that you pay a pilgrimage to one of Mexico‘s colonial churches, not just to appreciate its architecture but of course, to practice our faith.

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7. Watch Quema del Castillo

Quema del castillo or the burning of the castles is a  traditional event during town fiestas in honor of St. Mary the Virgin. The castle-like structure is placed in front of the church where they begin to burn it as an act of love and gratitude. Afterwards, several fireworks are displayed to signal the end of the fiesta or grand  celebration.

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8. Wander at Zocalo Square

Wander around the biggest square in America, the Zocalo Square.  It has been a favored filming location throughout the years. The  most recent was the 007 Spectre where the spectre-acular opening sequence of the said film was held at this huge square set during the Dia de la Muerte . There are numerous attractions nearby as the the Bellas Artes, Templo Mayor, the Metropolitan Cathedral among others.

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Do you have other free things to do list in Mexico? Please feel free to share and comment.

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