Foods to try in Lisbon, Portugal

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Like In Spain, Portuguese lunch is at 2 pm. Some restaurants are closed at noon. Hence, for someone with an Asian diet, wherein lunchtime means from 11am to 1pm, it takes a good amount of effort to wait until these restaurants are open again. Your itinerary for the day will have to be changed. Another realization for me on this European trip which is to know the eating habit of the country I will visit as your itinerary will also revolve around that.


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I loved it that my hostel provided complementary breakfast which include not only a huge smile greeting in Portuguese but also ham and cheese sandwich, juice, a fruit and snack which kept me full before their late lunch.


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For someone who lived near the beach, the smell of seafood will always be inviting. I can say that Portuguese cuisine is my type of food. They have rich seafood meals and over two hundred varieties of sweets which are perfect for my love for both seafood and sweet goodies.Here are some of the  known Portuguese food that you can try on your Lisbon trip:


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Grilled sardines- 8 EUR ( at a restaurant located near tourist spots)

Bacalhau- 6 EUR

Pastel de nata- .80 EUR ( at a regular pasteleria)

Arroz doce- 1.80 EUR

1L Bottled wáter- 1 EUR ( in a hostel)

Vinho verde bottle- 8 EUR

Coffee- 1 EUR (at a regular pasteleria)


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1.Grilled sardines- 8 EUR

I had to order 4 pieces of grilled sardines because my idea of it was that those are tiny fish. Yet, I was surprised when I received the order. Portuguese sardines are bigger than those sardines I know in my country. And instead of tomato sauce, they are grilled-style with drape of olive oil and cuts of tomatoes, accompanied by potatoes. It was salty , yet I liked the infused flavor of olive oil and salt.


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2.Bacalhau- 6 EUR

Bacalhau is the Portuguese name for cod. And they cooked their cod in a satisfying way. In the Philippines, we normally just fry or boil it so I was curious to see how they cook and present it. In this fish-loving nation, it is believed that there are over 1000 Bacalhau recipes and it is considered to be the iconic dish of Portugal.


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3.Pastel de nata- .80 EUR

The origin of pastel de nata or egg tart is in Belem before the 18th century by Catholic monks. This is a favorite dessert of mine and have tried it not only in my country but also in Hong Kong and Macau.I cannot believed that it cost the same as the one sold here for around 80 EUR.


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4.Arroz doce- 1.80 EUR

Arroz doce or sweet rice is a common dessert in Asia since rice is a staple in this continent. It looks similar like the arroz con leche in America and our very own, champorrado. Nothing really different. The only thing I noticed is that the Portuguese arroz doce had less sugar, thus,m tasted less sweet which was good.


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5.Vinho verde bottle- 8 EUR

For drink, try their vinho verde which literally means green wine originated in the northern part of the country. They look and taste light and fresh.


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