Foods to try around Southeast Asia

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Southeast Asian cuisine includes a strong emphasis on lightly prepared dishes with a strong aromatic component that features such flavors as herbs, spices, limes, calamansi, among others.

Ingredients in the region contrast with the ones in the Eastern Asian cuisines, substituting fish sauces for soy sauce and the inclusion of tamarind and lemongrass.

8. Bai Sach Chrouk

This is national breakfast of Cambodia along with rice porridge and noodles. There’s plenty of them be it in restaurant or eateries.

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7. Banh Mi

I later learned that Vietnamese food is not all about noodles or soup. Their French-styled sandwich was one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever tasted in my life.

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6. Bicol Express

To all those who are not familiar with Filipino food, Bicol Express is probably the most popular dish originated from Bicol. You may have tried it in your place but allowing it to invade your tongue again in its home is an authentic food experience. Bicol express represents the Bicol food which is normally made from coconut milk, shrimp paste, chilies then, add it with garlic , onions and pork.

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5. Kaipen (Fried Seaweed) with Jaew Bong

It is one of the popular Lao snacks that you can find around. Kaipen is made of freshwater green algae, sun dried into paper-thin sheets, then, peppered with sesame seeds.

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4.Lahpet thohk

Known as Burmese tea leaf salad, it is Myanmar’s favorite national delicacy . Lahpet means fermented tea which is also eaten as a dessert along with some fruits, other sweets and ginger salad/gyij thoke.

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3.Babi Guling

Just with a different name, and perhaps just stuffed with more spices, Babi guling, a spit-roasted pig,  is presumably the most noted dish in Bali. You might wonder why this part of the archipelago eats pig when Indonesia is a Muslim- denominated country. It’s due to the fact that an ample amount of the population is Catholic (2.5%), and is generally Hindu (83.5%). Price is almost the same as when you eat it in the Philippines. Really felt at home when I tasted this. The only difference perhaps is the type of stuffings that they put. This Balinese suckling pig is stuffed with chili, turmeric, ginger and garlic.

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2. Nasi Katok/Knock rice

This is a popular meal among Bruneians which consists of plain rice, fried chicken and sambal, a spicy relish made from ground chili peppers and other variety. If Philippines has Inasal Chicken, Brunei has Nasi Katok. Due to the predominance of the Islamic religion, expect here that food is halal and pork is not being served. I washed it down with tea mixed with kopi/coffee.

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1.Pad Thai

It is listed as world’s fifth most delicious food from a poll by CNN go in 2011. If Indonesia has Nasi goreng, Thailand has Pad Thai. It is a common street food made from rice noodles, eggs, chopped tofu, flavored with tamarind dried shrimp, red chili pepper, fish sauce, peanuts among other variations.

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