Foods to try in Poland

untitled 1 - Foods to try in Poland

I observed that Polish food is full of meat, sausages, cheese, and potatoes and chock-full of stuffing. Here are the foods I tried in Poland:

1. Pierogi – this semi-circular dumpling is Poland’s national snack. It is often filled with

cheese, sometimes with potatoes and ground meats.

img 23601 - Foods to try in Poland

2. Stuffed chicken

3. Ziemniaki Gotowane – Simple boiled potatoes sparkled with parsley or dill.

4. Kotlet mielony – minced meat cutlet with eggs, bread crumbs, garlic, and salt and pepper rolled into a ball and fried with onions and butter.

img 2393 - Foods to try in Poland

5. Ryba smażona– a typical fried breaded fish fillet.

img 23561 - Foods to try in Poland

6.Kurczak Pieczony – Roasted chicken with potatoes.

img 23441 - Foods to try in Poland

7. Mushroom penne pasta with sausage

img 2391 - Foods to try in Poland

8. Dessert- once in a while we indulged in a small slice of sweet food like this one:

img 2388 - Foods to try in Poland

9. Lodz Ice cream- even with the freezing weather, we can’t help try a Polish ice cream. It was winter when we went there.

img 2379 - Foods to try in Poland

10. Breakfast- this is how my regular breakfast looks like in Poland.

img 2383 - Foods to try in Poland

11.Comfort foodMcDonald’s milkshake and burger.

img 23891 - Foods to try in Poland

12. Asian noodles– yes, there’s quite a few Vietnamese and Chinese restaurants where we still got to eat our favorite noodles.

img 2358 - Foods to try in Poland

13. Polish  Pizza- another satisfying and familiar food we’re always craving.

img 2425 - Foods to try in Poland

14. Sweet raisins chicken with rice and veggies. I noticed rice in Poland is so dry.

img 2395 - Foods to try in Poland

15. Kotlet schabowy (breaded pork cutlet) with boiled veggies and pasta.

img 2343 - Foods to try in Poland

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