PARIS on a budget

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Population- 2.2  M (Paris)

Area- 105.4K

Currency- EUR

Daily budget (extreme)- 30 EUR

(moderate)- 50 EUR

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Paris is indeed the most stylish, and  glamorous city that I find in Europe. Everything is beautiful in Paris. Every corner and in every sidewalk, you won’t mind getting lost at all.  Almost all tourist attractions are reachable on foot.

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Sncf bus-  this is the largest French railway network that will take you to all corners of France and also to other destinations like Spain and Germany.

Eurolines-  I took this line when I traveled from Belgium to Paris  via (GoEuro) and from Toulousse to Andorra.

Metro– 1.90 EUR per metro ride.

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This is the most affordable hostel that you can find in Paris. More or less a 300-meter walk to a metro. If you’re traveling on a budget and does not mind sharing with other girls’ bedroom and toilet, this is quite a comfortable and clean place to stay. This is a family run business so the hostel is actually a 2-story house with several shared beds and bathrooms. The owner is a Korean. You can order some Korean dishes and French breakfast for 5 EUR and above.

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Food and drink

Breakfast is until 11am.

Café-2 EUR

Croissant- 3 EUR

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Macaroons- 2.90 EUR     That French macarons though is a joy for any sweet tooth


Sandwich- 3 EUR

Soup– 4  EUR

Plat and a glass of wine– 15 EUR

Crepe– 3 EUR

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Here are some useful French phrases that were useful during my short trip in France and hope for you too:

Si- Oui

No- Non,

Please- sil vous plait

Goodbye- Au revoir

Good morning/ Good night- Bonjour/bon sua

What time is it?- Quelle heure est-il?

How much- Combien?

Do you speak English?- Parlez-vous anglais?

The menu- La carte

The bus/plane- Le bus//l’avion

DIY Walking Tour

If you want to find how I did my walking tour for whole day around main attractions in Paris, you may click this link below:

Paris Walking Tour

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