Madrid on a budget

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One of the 3 great cities of Spain, Madrid.

Population- 45 M

Area- 504K

Currency- EUR

Daily budget (extreme)- 20 EUR

(moderate)- 40-55 EUR

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Madrid to Lisbon – via RyanAir/ EasyJet

Barcelona to Madrid- 17 EUR (GoEUR/ALSA- the largest bus network in Spain)

Metro- 1 EUR per metro ride (RENFE)

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TOC Hostel –   11 EUR

This is the one of the cheapest and most convenient hostels with  a good guest rating that you can find within the center of Madrid, just close to 0 Km,which is the Puerta de Sol.

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Food and drink

Lunch is usually from 2 pm -4pm.

Dinner is at 8pm.

Drink- 1.50-2.50 EUR (small bottle)

Churros con chocolate – 2- 4 EUR

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Torta- 1.30 EUR

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Tapas- 1. 50 EUR

Bocadillo- 1 EUR

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Menu del dia- 8-12 EUR

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Hello- Hola

Good morning/good afternoon/good evening- Buenos dias/buenas tardes/buenas noches

How are you?- Como esta?

Very well- Muy bien

Pleasure to meet you- Encantada de concerle

Excuse me, where is the train station?- Disculpa, donde esta la estación del tren?

I want this/that/ some tapas/ chocolate with churro- Quiero esto/eso/unas tapas/un chocolate con churros

How much is it?- Cuanto cuesta?

It’ s expensive. Is there a discount?- Esta caro. No hay descuento?

What time it is?- A que hora es?

Yes- Si


I don’t understand, you speak English?- No entiendo, habla ingles?

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 Itinerary & Budget

This is how I managed my Madrid walking tour on the first day.  I skipped the Prado Museum in exchange of seeing Jose P. Rizal Monument.

Puerto del Sol- the 0 , the center of the nation from where 6 of Spain national routes begin.

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Plaza Mayor-  it is thcenterpiece  of Madrileño’ s  life.  It is at this 17th century square where executions, King crowning, demonstrations , bullfights were staged. Today, it is the most popular place where you can have a drink, and sprawl. It serves as a  Christmas market in mid-December.

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Plaza de la Villa – it is one of the best preserved historical monuments in Spain that contains the Cisneros’ House (16th century), a Plateresque palace , and the Casa de la Villa (17th century), a Baroque style site situated on the western side of the Plaza.

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Palacio Real-  entrance fee is 10 EUR but free every Wednesday from  9 am- 6 pm  for EU citizens. It is the official residence of the Spanish Royal Family but it is only used for state ceremonies. With 135,000 square meters (1,450,000 sq ft) of floor space, it  is the largest royal palace in Europe by floor area.

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Jose Rizal Monument –  In the afternoon, I began my Rizal tour heading to Opera station. From Opera station, I walked along Avenida Filipinas until I found  the monument.

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Before heading to the hostel, I took my dinner at a Museo de Jamon and experienced how tapas are really served in Spain.  I got quite excited at how cheap the tapas and Spanish beers are. FOr just 1 EUR, you can get a huge ham and cheese sandwich or some sausages or any type of tapas. Ladies drinks cost me 1.50 EUR  each.

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