Day Trip in Yangon, Myanmar

Myanmar is the 10th out of the 12th Southeast Asian Countries I’ve been to. Here is the breakdown of my expenses on my first day in Yangon. So, you think Myanmar is an expensive country? Well, it depends from where you are from and your itinerary & length of stay.

Day 1 Destination Activities Cost
12MN- 5AM Manila-Bangkok Early Breakfast- Coffee with Shrimp Sandwich 60 Thai Baht/2 USD
5AM BKK -Don Mueang Shutte Bus Free
6AM DMK- Yangon Air Asia flight 5000 Php/100 USD

Yangon Airport Lunch at a restaurant in front of the airport
Rice  salad 12000 kyats/ 9 USD
Iced coffee 800 kyats/ .60 USD
Downtown Yangon Walked 30 mins from the airport  until rode bus #37 200 kyats/.15 USD


11:00 PM 20th Hostel Got off at the hostel after 30 mins. 315 php/6 USD
Took a nap

3:00 PM Bogyoke Market Walked straight along Maha Bandoola Rd to Sule Pagoda. Free
Continued walking  up to Sule Square, turned left, wandered around  until reached Bogyoke Aung San Market Free
Bought souvenirs- 1 Myanmar t-shirt 5000 kyats/3.7 USD
1 long skirt 10000 kyats/7 USD
Coffee time 2000 kyats/1.5 USD


5:00 PM Sule Pagoda Walked back to Sule Pagoda, on its right, the City Hall, Free
Minister’s Office, & Maha Bandoola Garden Free
Snack/Early dinner- bbq 10000 kyats/ 7 USD
2 sticky rolls 400 kyats/.30 USD
1 tikoy 300 kyats/.20 USD
bottled juice 1100 kyats/.80 USD



Accommodation 6 USD
Airfare 100 USD
Souvenirs 12 USD
Transport .15  USD
Food 20 USD
Total Expense 138 USD/6,880 Php

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