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Why Cebu is the Queen City of the South

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Being the first established city in the Philippines, traveling to Cebu is like walking into the historical past. Our first exploration to the glorious city of Cebu is passing along the oldest street in the country, the Colon Street.cebu7 - Cebu Walking Tour

Once in Cebu, we  headed to a ferry ticket booth to buy tickets to Tagbilaran for the night (Round-trip ferry costs 800 pesos). Then, just minutes walking from the ticket office led us across the Fort San Pedro.cebu14 - Cebu Walking Tourcebu13 - Cebu Walking Tour

Fort San Pedro

This is a Spanish fortress that used to overlook the sea, but whose view now is blocked by a concrete building. Inside, there are mini museums showcasing articles related to the Spanish colonization, including a worn flag of Spain. The fort is small, being the oldest bastion fort of the country, we were out in no time.

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Plaza Independencia
Exploring Metro Cebu City can begin at the heart of it, the Plaza independencia. This historical landmark is just adjacent to Fort San Pedro.The  wide open plaza has been the fave hang outs of the locals with its century-old acacia tree and garden. It has the obelisk in memory of the first governor general of the Spain- Philippines, Miguel Lopez de Legazpi.
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Magellan’s Cross
This well-known emblem symbolizes the discovery of the Philippines by Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan to evangelize the pagan natives. The detailed paintings at the ceiling only refresh our minds with the first lesson in Philippine history; when Magellan met Lapu Lapu, and thus the Philippine story begins.This cross is just walking distance from the Plaza Independencia.
Sto. Nino’s Basilica
3 to 5 blocks away from the cross is the Sto . Nino’s Basilica which happens to be the oldest church in the country.Founded in 1565, it is called as the Mother of all churches in the Philippines. Inside is a collection of the oldest religious images once can find.cebu5 - Cebu Walking Tour
Cebu Cathedral
We left the Basilica and headed to another church – the Cebu Cathedral. cebu20 - Cebu Walking Tourcebu21 - Cebu Walking TourAs old as the Sto. Nino’s basilica , Cebu Cathedral is also one of the oldest churches in the country built by Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. We took a taxi to bring us to another attraction of Cebu: the famous lechon.
Lapu-lapu shrine
A shrine was erected in honor  of Philippines first hero, Lapu lapu. This native leader defeated the Spanish soldliers led by Ferdinand Magellan in the Battle of Mactan.
cebu1 - Cebu Walking Tourcebu4 - Cebu Walking TourLarsian, a famous dining place in Cebu. After the exhausting day walks, we filled our empty tummy with these in Larsian.cebu6 - Cebu Walking Tour
Cebu city tour aside, here are some other activities in/from the said city:
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