Batanes: South Batan Tour

batanes123 1 860x280 - Batanes: South Batan Tour

On our second day in Batanes, our entire day  was devoted to a whole day tour to the southern part of the island. This tour costs us at 1,500php only.   1.Mahatao idjang & boat shelter boat The dock is normally aligned with cargo boats and ferries going to other Batan group of islands. Along this area is a moderately-constructed

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Batanes Northern Tour

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The tumultuous landing to the small airport runway of Batanes is just the clouds of your bad to the bone experience. The pleasant happenings will come out eventually like the rainbow after the rain. That, I assure you of. Stepping down to Batanes is like arriving in a different country, with its natural scenery comparable to that of New Zealand’s;

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