Passport stamps around the world

20171223 152718 860x280 - Passport stamps around the world

One of the things that a traveler might overlook are the passport stamps. Well, those are just stamps after all. Those imprints that the immigration officers leave in your passport as an official assurance of your entry to their country. Sometimes, these impressions can make your passport looks grimy and old. But there are stamps that are just pretty cool

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Currencies around the world

2017 12 23 09.19.08 860x280 - Currencies around the world

When you travel abroad, one of our primary concerns is to know what currency is being used in that particular country. There are 164 official national currencies around the world. Below are some of them that I have exchanged during my travels. Some can make you an  instant millionaire for a day. So, let’s set the ball rolling.   The

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Where Anna La Viajera has been

        Andorra Belgium Bulgaria Brunei Cambodia China Czech Republic France Germany Greece Hong Kong Indonesia Italy Japan Laos Luxembourg Macau Malaysia Mexico Myanmar Philippines Poland Portugal San Marino Singapore Slovakia South Korea Spain Taiwan Thailand Vietnam I – Ilocos Region II – Cagayan Valley III – Central Luzon IV-A – Calabarzon Mimaropa – Southwestern Tagalog Region V

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Tagaytay Weekend Travel Guide for first-timers

1Eat31474198111 - Tagaytay Weekend Travel Guide for first-timers

Tagaytay seems to have the essential factors that need to consider when traveling- vicinity from the metro, food galore, and the adventure. The best time to visit Tagaytay falls from November to April where season is dry. But its average temperature stands at24 °C (75 °F) which makes the city ideal for family weekend getaways and as a summer destination,

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Top 5 foods discovered in Batanes

curacha 2 860x280 - Top 5 foods discovered in Batanes

When I was in Batanes, I was like,” Is this still part of the Philippines?”The wondering was just so inevitable because there’s really a different feeling you get from mesmerizing its unusual scenery.And this doesn’t end from here. There’s no way that you cannot try their strange cuisine unless you brought your own food. After all, isn’t it a good

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Batanes: South Batan Tour

batanes123 1 860x280 - Batanes: South Batan Tour

On our second day in Batanes, our entire day  was devoted to a whole day tour to the southern part of the island. This tour costs us at 1,500php only.   1.Mahatao idjang & boat shelter boat The dock is normally aligned with cargo boats and ferries going to other Batan group of islands. Along this area is a moderately-constructed

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Batanes Northern Tour

batanes10 1 560x280 - Batanes Northern Tour

The tumultuous landing to the small airport runway of Batanes is just the clouds of your bad to the bone experience. The pleasant happenings will come out eventually like the rainbow after the rain. That, I assure you of. Stepping down to Batanes is like arriving in a different country, with its natural scenery comparable to that of New Zealand’s;

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Taal Lake Adventure

aj1 - Taal Lake Adventure

Largest island in a lake on an island Taal holds the Guinness World Records for having the largest island in a lake on an island. Mt. Taal Island is situated in the middle of the Taal Lake resting in the middle of the Taal Island. Viewing from the top will allow you to catch sight of the turquoise blue lake

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El Nido Travel Guide for First- Timers

According toCNNGo, El Nido is the Best Beach and Island destination in the Philippines for its “extraordinary natural splendor and ecosystem.” Getting there Taytay is the jump off point to the  group of islands considered by many as the ultimate paradise for beach lovers we called El Nido. Reaching this municipality will take you more or less a 6-hour drive

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DIY Baguio Travel for First-Timers

It is the cold weather that lures domestic tourists to Baguio, especially during summer, when we want to escape from the fierce heat in the lowland. In due course, this unusual cold climate it benefits from spawns more opportunities and godsends. One such instance is the apparent abundance of strawberry and pine trees in the area which add more charm to the already

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