8 Free Things to do In Seoul

Seoul is undeniably one of the most expensive countries to visit in Asia. It is a matter of resourcefulness, and luck, maybe, to be able to spend less there. Better yet, check out for some travel guides who will give you tips on traveling South Korea on a budget.   I’m following this Korean blogger and religiously clicked all the

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10 Amazing Things You Can Do only in South Korea

644bf165c7caf4be2998c726e4fcde34 - 10 Amazing Things You Can Do only in South Korea

South Korea is one of these countries in Asia where you would find thousand of reasons to visit this small-sized country at least before you turn 30. The amazing things to do are so plenteous and some of them can only be done in South Korea as follows: 1.DMZ tour A must tour when in South Korea. This Demilitarized zone is

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Must Try Foods In South Korea

I traveled to South Korea for its  contrasting age-old temples and cutting-edge city life. But as I traveled back in time or fast forward to the future, there is one thing that makes me live in the present South Korea– that is their FOOD. My taste bud never got bored, instead it got challenged, as I tried and savored each

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