Mini Quick Guide to Brunei Darussalam

IMG 1410 860x280 - Mini Quick Guide to Brunei Darussalam

It is officially called as the Nation of Brunei, the Abode of Peace or in Malay, Negara Brunei Darussalam. Population-417K Area- 5,765 km2 These are the notes I took as reminder of what to expect when in Brunei: Mosque is closed in Thursday and Fridays dring prayer times. Shoes are to be removed when you enter the mosque. Don’t pass in front of

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Searching for the best tacos in Manila

mex13 600x280 - Searching for the best tacos in Manila

  Why we love Mexican food? I’ve noticed more and more Mexican restaurants have sprung up across Metro Manila. In BGC alone, I’ve heard that there are newer Mexican restos and I can’t wait to try them one of these days. So expect this post to be constantly updating.     Why I love Mexican food? Aside from having a

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Suggested Itinerary & Top Things to do in Brunei

IMG 1412 860x280 - Suggested Itinerary & Top Things to do in Brunei

Planning to visit Brunei soon? This smallest, yet the second richest country ( after Singapore)  in Southeast Asia has its own magical places that will surely amaze its visitors from its majestic palaces, distinct markets, and recreational parks. Curious what to do when you visit the country? Here is the list:   Have a water taxi at the jetty in the

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12 Foods and drink to try in Zamboanga

20180311 142241 860x280 - 12 Foods and drink to try in Zamboanga

  The gastronomy composition of a place reflects its culture. The unique and varied flavors of Zamboanga City, known as Asia’s Latin City is just a reflection of how diverse this third largest city in the Philippines is. Visit Zamboanga and you’ll discover why.     So, here are the known foods and drink to try in Zamboanga City:    

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Mt. Pinatubo Day Tour: DIY or Travel Agency?

IMG 3708 860x280 - Mt. Pinatubo Day Tour: DIY or Travel Agency?

  There are countless options for weekend activities and day trips from Manila. Last time, I  really enjoyed my excursion to the top of the Mt. Taal lake on horseback. Remembering this experience, I couldn’t help but think of another similar trip.     Luckily, in the Philippines, there are several lakes to chase due to its volcanic activity being on the ring of fire. One

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Day Trip : Avilon Zoo

IMG 3428 860x280 - Day Trip : Avilon Zoo

Looking for ideas on how to spend your free day or afternoon other than going to the mall and spend on gadgets? Why not visit a zoo. And not just any ordinary zoo but the largest one, the Avilon Zoo. To add,it  is just 2 hours away from Manila.Avilon Zoo has  the biggest collection of animals in the Philippines and also

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25 Foods and drinks to try in Bali, Indonesia

20171105 162011 860x280 - 25 Foods and drinks to try in Bali, Indonesia

Trying Indonesian food makes me feel like home. The striking similarity between Indonesian and Philippine foods, even with other Southeast Asian cuisine are very evident. But you know you are in the Spice Islands because the obvious dissimilarity that you can think of would probably be the spices. Indonesian islands have lots of native spices that any other Asian countries

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Foods and drinks to try in Malaysia

IMG 1342 860x280 - Foods and drinks to try in Malaysia

The diversity of the cultural makeup of Malaysia is similar to that of Singapore and Indonesia. Its small population is composed of several ethnic tribes mainly, the natives, Malaysians; Chinese, and Indians. Just how diverse it is reflects in its varied cuisine. Here are foods to try in Truly Asia: 1. Nasi Lemak Nasi lemak is considered as the national dish of

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Passport stamps around the world

20171223 152718 860x280 - Passport stamps around the world

One of the things that a traveler might overlook are the passport stamps. Well, those are just stamps after all. Those imprints that the immigration officers leave in your passport as an official assurance of your entry to their country. Sometimes, these impressions can make your passport looks grimy and old. But there are stamps that are just pretty cool

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Currencies around the world

2017 12 23 09.19.08 860x280 - Currencies around the world

When you travel abroad, one of our primary concerns is to know what currency is being used in that particular country. There are 164 official national currencies around the world. Below are some of them that I have exchanged during my travels. Some can make you an  instant millionaire for a day. So, let’s set the ball rolling.   The

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