BEIJING on a budget

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Population- 21M (2017) Area- 16K Currency- Chinese Yuan Daily budget (extreme)- 20 CNY (moderate)- 40-55 CNY High Speed Rails– Beijing serves as a large rail hub in China’s railway network. Roads and Expressways– Beijing’s urban transport is dependent upon the five “ring roads” that  surround the city, with the Forbidden City marked as the center. Subway– The Beijing Subway, which began operating in

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Foods and Drinks to try in Beijing ,China

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The giant nation may have the typical gastronomical scene. This can be due to the fact that China has a major influence to almost all Asian cuisine. And some, if not most, of these foods actually originated from Mainland China. Some of the foods on this list may be found in other Asian countries but not limited to Taiwan, Hong

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Mini Quick Weekend Guide to Hong Kong

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Population– 7M Area– 2,755 Language– Cantonese Money- accept international credit cards Currency– Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) Daily budget (extreme)- 200 HKD (moderate)- 300-400 HKD Climate– Average temperature is 28 C Spring- March to April Summer- May to Mid September Autumn- October to November Winter- December to February   Hong Kong transport system is made of MTR, buses, railways, taxis, minibuses

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Foods to Try in Hong Kong

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Hong kong is widely known for dim sum,  its national dish. (See also: Best ways to experience Hong Kong in a day ). This popular dish is one among the many familiar dishes in Hong kong such as the following:   This must be a  favorite comfort food among the Chinese households because most of the customers also ordered the same meal

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Souvenir Ideas to buy in South Korea

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In a country where shopping centers and malls are ubiquitous, as in almost every district there are; choosing which or where to buy souvenirs can be overwhelming. I highly recommend visiting the Namdaemun Market  for a one-stop souvenir shopping in South Korea. But as to which souvenir items you can anticipate purchasing, here are some ideas:   1.Cute Hanboks Hanbok is a representative of traditional Korean dress that can be a unique souvenir to

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Taiwan : Itinerary and Expenses

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My short, crazy, fast-paced 3-day solo Taiwan trip. If you’re this insane traveler like me, you may follow my itinerary (lol). I suggest not. However, I hope that this article can somehow give you idea on things you can do and how cheap to travel around  this pea-sized country is. If there’s one thing that I’m sure about my solo

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18 Must-Buy Souvenir items in Tokyo, Japan

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Keep thinking on what would be the best gifts to take home from Japan? Fret not. Below are some ideas to help you decide on which Tokyo souvenirs you feel like buying as remembrance for yourself or as present/s for your loved ones and friends. Meowww, the kitty says hello now so let’s begin.     1. Sensu (Folding Fans)

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Where to Buy Souvenir Items in Tokyo, Japan

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Here you go, the list of where to buy your souvenirs at the top 3 most popular areas in Tokyo, Japan: 1. Takeshita Dori   Wanna experience the real kawaii culture? Head over to Harajuku’s Takeshita Dori where there’s a huge gathering of everything kawaii. From unique Japan shops such as celebrity shops, 100 yen stores to themed-restaurants, you will

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Solo Travel in Taiwan: Things to do

tai1 533x280 - Solo Travel in Taiwan: Things to do

My First Solo Travel in Taiwan   After Taiwan eased its visa policy to Philippine passport holders, I welcomed this good news as a sign to realize my long-awaited wanderlust to the heart of Asia. Another hint was the plunge of the airfare from MNL-Taipei.     Each time I travel, I always challenge myself to maximize it. My red-eye

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48 Foods and drinks to try in Tokyo, Japan

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Japan is one of the few countries that you can visit entirely for food. It has even beat France in having the most number of Michelin-starred restaurants. Its traditional dietary culture of Japan , known as Washoku, was added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage, and increased its number of  assets listed on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list to 22. So,

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