48 Foods and drinks to try in Tokyo, Japan

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Japan is one of the few countries that you can visit entirely for food. It has even beat France in having the most number of Michelin-starred restaurants. Its traditional dietary culture of Japan , known as Washoku, was added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage, and increased its number of  assets listed on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list to 22. So,

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Foods and drinks to try in Malaysia

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The diversity of the cultural makeup of Malaysia is similar to that of Singapore and Indonesia. Its small population is composed of several ethnic tribes mainly, the natives, Malaysians; Chinese, and Indians. Just how diverse it is reflects in its varied cuisine. Here are foods to try in Truly Asia: 1. Nasi Lemak Nasi lemak is considered as the national dish of

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Tequila Tour

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Who would have thought this indigenous distilled spirit would stand shoulder to shoulder on the top shelf of fine spirits of the world such as champagne, cognac and scotch?


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15 Foods to try in Taiwan

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Taiwanese food is the ultimate street food experience.  Quick nibbles, easy to carry and bite-sized, yet appetizing dishes have become popular. Asians, especially Filipinos, thrill to such foodstuffs since we relish in taking snacks every other hour, right? Being colonized by Chinese and Japanese, it’s no perplexity that Taiwanese cuisine has their former colonial masters’ influences but safe to say

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Top 5 foods discovered in Batanes

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When I was in Batanes, I was like,” Is this still part of the Philippines?”The wondering was just so inevitable because there’s really a different feeling you get from mesmerizing its unusual scenery.And this doesn’t end from here. There’s no way that you cannot try their strange cuisine unless you brought your own food. After all, isn’t it a good

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Foods to try in Albay

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  Aside from risk-taking adventure in the land of chilies, Bicol offers unique, fierce food that are hard to find in any part of the country. For this reason, once in Bicol, one has to try its rich cuisine to feed the empty stomach after a day of fun and adrenaline rush. Excited to see and learn the dishes you

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Kawaii Monster Cafe: A Must-Experience in Harajuku

IMG 4624 860x280 - Kawaii Monster Cafe: A Must-Experience in Harajuku

From its flashy, fancily decorated interiors to its multicolored food presentations, & dazzling mascots, everything in this adorable café seems Instagrammable!  So, if you’re into finding a unique dining experience, head straight to the Kawaii Monster café once in the fashionable district of Harajuku and be ready to get amazed.

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Foods to Try in Hong Kong

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Hong kong is widely known for dim sum,  its national dish. (See also: 3 best ways to experience Hong Kong in a day ). This popular dish is one among the many familiar dishes in Hong kong such as the following: This must be a  favorite comfort food among the Chinese households because most of the customers also ordered the same meal

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Must Try Foods in Binondo, Manila

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Visiting Manila, the cultural center of the Philippines, would not be complete without a food trip in Binondo, the world’s oldest Chinatown. When in Binondo, at least never fail to try these classic Chinese foods  as follows:   1.Beef La Mien Almost every eateries and restaurants in Binondo have something unique to offer for the curious gourmand. But I felt

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Foods to try in Batam

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This small island of Batam is located on the northern part of Indonesia and southern part of Singapore. Although its small territory is filled with factories, there are still places in Batam where foods are sold cheaper and better. 1. Water spinach/kangkong Kangkong, in our local dialect, with soup are our appetizers when we took a sumptuous lunch at Golden Prawn

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