How I got my Schengen Visa

Inked20171101 142014 LI 600x280 - How I got my Schengen Visa

Even though it would be my second time to apply for a Schengen visa, I was still doubtful whether to pursue it or not. My first Schengen visa application at The Netherlands embassy was sponsored by my company after all.  So, technically, this would be my first time to try applying this visa on my own. And my fear of

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Foods to try in Poland

untitled 1 - Foods to try in Poland

I observed that Polish food is full of meat, sausages, cheese, and potatoes and chock-full of stuffing. Here are the foods I tried in Poland: 1. Pierogi – this semi-circular dumpling is Poland’s national snack. It is often filled with cheese, sometimes with potatoes and ground meats. 2. Stuffed chicken 3. Ziemniaki Gotowane – Simple boiled potatoes sparkled with parsley or dill.

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Europe Itinerary (Tentative)

untitled - Europe Itinerary (Tentative)

After completing our Southeast Asian tour, then, in the next 6 months ready for the Northern and western Asia trip, our next awaiting adventure a year from now is our dream to travel around the oldest continent  in the world, Europe. Best time to visit Europe: After reading our favorite travel book, Rough Guides about Europe trip on a budget, we have

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