Europe City on a budget: Rome, Italy

IMG 6449 860x280 - Europe City on a budget: Rome, Italy

Ciao. Buona giornata! Benvenuto in Roma, Italia. I’m going to show you how I tour Rome for a day. I walked, ate, got lost; but continued my DIY walking tour in Rome. It’s easy to travel around Rome.Not just here. Perhaps in any city in Europe. This is because tourist attractions are compressed (most of the time) in one area,

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Paris Walking Tour

IMG 7454 860x280 - Paris Walking Tour

Bonjour, comment allez-vous? je mapelle Anna La Viajera. Bienvenue à Paris, France.   We all know that eating out in France isn’t that cheap. I traveled to France from Belgium by bus for around 4 hours. Then, I searched for my hostel and rode the metro to reach it. The following day, after my breakfast, I was ready for my whole-day

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Europe City on a budget: Lisbon, Portugal

IMG 8320 860x280 - Europe City on a budget:  Lisbon, Portugal

Cheap. Laid back. Diverse. These are the  3 words I can describe Lisbon , Portugal.  Snack on its famous Pasteis de nata and wash it down with coffee at any of its Art Noveau cafes, travel back in time with the sights of its wooden trams, and the medieval feel you’ll get while passing on its Alfama quarter.   Population-

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Madrid Walking Tour

IMG 8120 860x280 - Madrid Walking Tour

From Sagrada Familia station, I headed to Arc de Triomf, the nearest station to Estacion Nord bus station.After 7 hours of bus travel, I arrived at the capital of Spain, Madrid!.   Related article:  BARCELONA: THINGS TO DO, FOODS TO TRY, SUGGESTED ITINERARIES     My hostel is located in Puerta del Sol, which is the center of the nation.

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Mini Quick Weekend Guide to Hong Kong

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Population– 7M Area– 2,755 Language– Cantonese Money- accept international credit cards Currency– Hong Kong Dollar (HKD) Daily budget (extreme)- 200 HKD (moderate)- 300-400 HKD Climate– Average temperature is 28 C Spring- March to April Summer- May to Mid September Autumn- October to November Winter- December to February   Hong Kong transport system is made of MTR, buses, railways, taxis, minibuses

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Mini Quick Guide to Brunei Darussalam

IMG 1410 860x280 - Mini Quick Guide to Brunei Darussalam

It is officially called as the Nation of Brunei, the Abode of Peace or in Malay, Negara Brunei Darussalam. Population-417K Area- 5,765 km2 These are the notes I took as reminder of what to expect when in Brunei: Mosque is closed in Thursday and Fridays dring prayer times. Shoes are to be removed when you enter the mosque. Don’t pass in front of

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Suggested Itinerary & Top Things to do in Brunei

IMG 1412 860x280 - Suggested Itinerary & Top Things to do in Brunei

Planning to visit Brunei soon? This smallest, yet the second richest country ( after Singapore)  in Southeast Asia has its own magical places that will surely amaze its visitors from its majestic palaces, distinct markets, and recreational parks. Curious what to do when you visit the country? Here is the list:   Have a water taxi at the jetty in the

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Day Trip : Avilon Zoo

IMG 3428 860x280 - Day Trip : Avilon Zoo

Looking for ideas on how to spend your free day or afternoon other than going to the mall and spend on gadgets? Why not visit a zoo. And not just any ordinary zoo but the largest one, the Avilon Zoo. To add,it  is just 2 hours away from Manila.Avilon Zoo has  the biggest collection of animals in the Philippines and also

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Taiwan : Itinerary and Expenses

7ad3cb2a4386fd74cd4f8d0004f6dbf2 564x280 - Taiwan : Itinerary and Expenses

My short, crazy, fast-paced 3-day solo Taiwan trip. If you’re this insane traveler like me, you may follow my itinerary (lol). I suggest not. However, I hope that this article can somehow give you idea on things you can do and how cheap to travel around  this pea-sized country is. If there’s one thing that I’m sure about my solo

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Solo Travel in Taiwan: Things to do

tai1 533x280 - Solo Travel in Taiwan: Things to do

My First Solo Travel in Taiwan   After Taiwan eased its visa policy to Philippine passport holders, I welcomed this good news as a sign to realize my long-awaited wanderlust to the heart of Asia. Another hint was the plunge of the airfare from MNL-Taipei.     Each time I travel, I always challenge myself to maximize it. My red-eye

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