Mt. Pinatubo Day Tour: DIY or Travel Agency?

IMG 3708 860x280 - Mt. Pinatubo Day Tour: DIY or Travel Agency?

  There are countless options for weekend activities and day trips from Manila. Last time, I  really enjoyed my excursion to the top of the Mt. Taal lake on horseback. Remembering this experience, I couldn’t help but think of another similar trip.     Luckily, in the Philippines, there are several lakes to chase due to its volcanic activity being on the ring of fire. One

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Day Trip : Avilon Zoo

IMG 3428 860x280 - Day Trip : Avilon Zoo

Looking for ideas on how to spend your free day or afternoon other than going to the mall and spend on gadgets? Why not visit a zoo. And not just any ordinary zoo but the largest one, the Avilon Zoo. To add,it  is just 2 hours away from Manila.Avilon Zoo has  the biggest collection of animals in the Philippines and also

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