Best things to do in Toluca,Mexico

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If you have a day to pass by Toluca, what would be the best things that you can do while in the fifth largest area in Mexico? Toluca, formally called as Toluca de Lerdo is the capital of the State of Mexico, as well as the seat of the Municipality of Toluca, an hour away in between Tenancingo and Mexico city.

20160416 194136 1024x576 - Best things to do in Toluca,MexicoHere are the best things that one can go and see on a day visit to Toluca:

8. Visit Cosmovitram Jardín Botánico

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One of the buildings that caught my attention was the Cosmovitral. I was uncertain what type of building it was. From the outside, it looks like a church, then when you get inside, you know you got it wrong, it isn’t  a cathedral with stained glass windows, it is a conservatory filled with various species of plants, cactus, flowers, and trees that are too good for a picture-taking, better yet, buy one of them that you like the most.  It used to be a market though.

7.Watch Mexican movie with botanas

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Toluca is one of the most industrialized municipalities in Mexico, so it’s not hard to find some form of entertainment here such as cinemas. Experience watching Mexican film and you’ll also discover that one of the famous snacks in the world, nachos, is not that popular in Mexico and can be seen only in cinemas which served as botanas (snacks).


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6.Stroll around its Centro

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Toluca boasts its beautiful 19th-century colonial architectures downtown. Around its downtown area are many interesting parks, gardens, museums, churches, theaters, stores, restaurants, hotels and government offices which are walking distance from each other.

5.Be amazed at the colorful houses overlooking the centro

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These colorful houses add further to the already colorful atmosphere of the historic center of Toluca.Churches and stores aside, you can always expect Mexican houses to be bold and full of colors.But in Toluca, you can see them atop a valley.By the way, Toluca is an elevated area which explains its extreme coldness when winter hits and is one of the coolest municipalities in Mexico.

4.Watch out for live concerts

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Watch out for concerts (which can be free sometimes) held at the center of Toluca, in front of the Toluca church.And the concerts can be as high profile as Vicente Fernandez, a well-known Mexican rancho singer.

3.Admire Toluca Churches

Toluca Cathedral

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I heard that the current president of Mexico got married in the church of Toluca.The Neoclassical church is formally called as the Cathedral of Saint Joseph of Nazaret.Above its clock, are three female figures representing faith, charity, and hope.

Church del Carmen
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Located in the historic center of San Jose de Toluca, this yellow-colored church and convent have functioned as a religious center, asylum, civil hospital, school, and home of the Literary and Scientific Institute.

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2. Get off on Toluca Liverpool. 

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Wind up your Toluca trip by shopping ’til you drop or simply watch a movie or dine at the largest chain of department stores in Mexico, Liverpool. It is a mid-to-high-end retailer which is owned by one of the richest men in the world.

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1. Eat Torta & Chorizo de Toluca.

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Toluca is best known for its delicious torta.  It is a style Sandwich a la Mexicana which is chiefly garnishes with avocado, jalapeno, tomato, and onion. The sandwich is normally named according to its main filling. Here are some examples:

  • Torta de jamón, ham-filled torta (this is the most common )
  • Torta de huevo, scrambled eggs-filled torta
  • Torta de milanesa, milanesa meat-filled torta
  • Torta Hawaiiana, pineapple-filled torta

The one I tried was called Torta Toluqueña which is made from chorizo de Toluca.Chorizo is also a famous Toluqueña dish made of ground pork and tomato sauce, pumpkin molepipian and other ingredients such as salt, pepper, white wine, almonds, potatoes, vinegar, garlic, and chile. Therefore trying Torta with chorizo, you get the best of both worlds. We ate it at the La Vaquita Negra del Portal, a pretty popular Torta restaurant in Toluca swarmed non -stop by its pleased customers.

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List of Attractions Visited in Toluca in 1 Day

  • Cosmovitral
  • Toluca Church
  • Church del Carmen
  • Toluca Centro
  • La Vaquita Negra del Portal
  • Teatro Morelos
  • Liverpool

Where to Stay in Toluca

Have you been to Toluca? What are the best things would you recommend to do in this city?

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