Best Things to do in Tenancingo, Mexico

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Tenancingo is a large municipality in the state of Mexico, located just outside the Toluca Valley. If you have a week or two, you might check out these 5 best things that you can do while in this colonial town.


5.Climb the Cristo Rey.

Pump up your adrenaline rush with a climb to Cristo Rey. Get your comfy sneakers ready to step more than 1000 until you get to the top of the valley where the enormous structure of Cristo Rey is seated. The  arduous clamber is worth it once the  lush and florid view of the entire city at 360 angle is revealed before your eyes.

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4.Buy rebozo.

Did you know that this town is known for its hardworking people who are best in weaving rebozos ( a type of shawl) ? Rebozos are traditional garments used by women for various purposes, either as cover ups or as blankets, among other reasons. Nowadays, rebozos come in different forms, not only as shawls. In the Tenancingo market, you can find several rebozo shops that sell  ladies’ accessories such as necklaces, earrings, wallets, hairbands that are made of  well, rebozos. Isn’t it a good souvenir?

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3. Visit the Desierto del Carmen.

One rewarding journey is a pilgrimage to the Desierto del Carmen. This is one authentic colonial jewel that I found in Mexico. One can feel the tranquil and serene ambiance while going up the hill to this convent. It is a monastery of the Carmelites inhabited by  6 monks who became isolated from the material world. We didn’t get to meet the monks on our visit though.

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2. Watch Jaripeo.

One of the most diverting things to watch in a Mexican  town is the jaripeo/rodeo. If you visit Tenancingo during their fiesta week, which is held every last week of March, you can freely watch one of its nocturnal activities, the bull riding. This event is a family affair with children finding this game amusing that they get thrilled whenever the montador (bull rider) starts to mount the bull and the latter in defense, begins twisting around until the bull rider is dismounted off from them.

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1.Eat Obispo.

Do not leave Tenancingo without trying their obispo.  It is a one of a kind chorizo that you can only chance upon in this large municipality. Due to the fact that this food is exclusively produced and made available in Tenancingo, did you know  that hundreds of tourists flock to Tenancingo just to  get a taste of tacos de obispo? This embutido, which is made of pork meat, has 2 types, the regular and special one. The latter is elaborated with raisins, almonds, pineapples among other ingredients.

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Have you been to Tenancingo? What are the best things would you recommend while visiting this municipality?

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