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Bienvenido a nuestra página web de viajes, cocina e idiomas!

We are the Fil-Mex team (Filipino-Mexican) who came together brought by the same passion and desire for sports, adventure, travel, food and languages.

If you love to travel, try different cuisine and learn multiple languages, then this site is for you.

This small space in the cyber world serves as our outlet for documenting our travels, progress of the languages we practice, and recipes we treasure.

Filipinos and Mexicans share almost everything in common from history to culture, religion , down to  food and a bit of the language.

But still , there’s a huge difference in our outlook and perception in life.

This is not our story. This is the story of our adventures in life. The best and free things to do in each places visited.

The simple, easy to do yet yummy recipes we love.

The techniques and intricacy of the languages we can speak now; English, Spanish, Filipino, Portuguese, Chavacano, a little of French and Italian.


Meet Los Viajeros

Anna La Viajera


A scholar at an Ateneo school, she loves learning almost anything valuable under the sun.

An enthusiast of arts, history and creative writing, she earned a degree in Mass Communications.

Her weaknesses are chocolates and marshmallows.

She has travelled to more than 20 countries, most are in Asia and 13 out of 16 regions of the Philippines.

Oscar El Viajero

Proud of his Latino heritage, he certainly didn’t want to speak any language other than his mother tongue, Spanish.

That’s why it came to him as a surprise when he got the scholarship to learn both English and Filipino languages at an Ateneo school.

He can grasp  lingos as quick as scoring un gol  in a football match.

He has travelled to almost all states of Mexico and is intrigued by the diversity of the Asian continent.

Hope this blog can serve something useful to you.

For any question/queries, kindly let us know.


Hasta luego/Até logo/Á plus tard/See you/Hanggang sa muli,

Los Viajeros


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