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Bienvenido a mi página web de viajes, cocina e idiomas!

If you love to travel, try different cuisine and learn languages, then this site is for you.

I started traveling at the age of 12. At that time, it was also my first time to travel by ferry. But I started doing overland travel abroad at 23 and has never stopped since then. My style of travel is fast, from a half-day to a 3 to 4 days trip only. Recently, I’ve slowly experimented traveling a week to 2 -week excursions, even for a month journey alone. Who knows in the future, I can travel longer and farther?


I love the beach...beach..beach

I was granted with an academic scholarship by Ateneo De Zamboanga University

I am a BS Mass Communications graduate

I got accepted into a special class for the arts, specializing in Creative writing, in high school

Loved joining history quiz bees, and journalism tilts

I love dancing

I travel alone most of the times

Been to more than 30 countries and to 13 regions of the Philippines

I am a chocoholic

I can speak more than 5 languages





Anna is a contributor & content writer to the following sites:


When In Manila

Tripzilla PH





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To know more about certain destinations/Philippine regions, click here.

To know the list of destinations I've been so far, click here.


Enjoy! Thanks for reading!

Hasta luego/Até logo/Á plus tard/See you/Hanggang sa muli,

Anna La Viajera




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