Best Things to do in Guadalajara

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Guadalajara is the capital and largest city of the Mexican state of Jalisco. The city sounds familiar because it is known for various reasons: the home of the mariachis, the land of tequila, the Spanish churches, and so on. Indeed, it is the cultural center of Mexico. If you have just 2 or 3 days in Guadalajara, why not max it out with the following best things that you can do while in the city:

10. Discover scenic towns near Guadalajara


Guadalajara has quaint towns nearby which have their own, unique, touristic appeal. From the oldest section of Guadalajara, you can also visit its towns of Zapopan, Tlaquepaque, Hacienda Santa Fe, Puerto Vallarta, Lagos de Moreno, Ciudad Guzmán & Tonalá.

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9. Admire Guadalajara’s European-styled architecture


Most of the edifices, at least the colonial buildings that you see in Guadalajara has the European touch. It comes as no surprise since, during the time Guadalajara was founded, its architectures were paralleled to that style prevalent in Europe. So, when you walk around Guadalajara, it’s undeniable to think that you’re in Europe or at most, seeing a piece of Europe.


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8. Sip hot choco drink with tamales


This is one of the best things you can do early morning when in Guadalajara. The city has a good weather but in the wee hours, it can be as cold as Toluca. It would be just comforting to full your stomach with hot chocolates partnered with tamales, a pork-filled maize dough steamed in a corn husk. That sounds like a heavy breakfast already, isn’t it?

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7. Visit a church in Guadalajara


Yes, all the churches in Guadalajara are breathtaking. Why there’s a lot of churches in this city? Because Guadalajara is a solid Catholic city, having the firmest believers and devotees.The first church I visited when I arrived here was the Basilica of Our Lady of Zapopan which I could say is the most beautiful church that I have seen in Guadalajara under a cloudy, blue sky. Such a natural beauty to behold! I don’t want to filter this photo below.


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6. Enter a Ripley’s Museum


Enter the world of bizarre and strange at Ripley’s museum.Get amused with the various unusual items on display, collections, even Ripley’s letters and personal journals and believe it or not with the trivia and artifacts around. This attraction has also unique, interactive exhibits that you will truly enjoy. The experience was more amusing than watching it on TV.


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5. Watch Lucha Libre


Watch Lucha Libre live at Arena Jalisco. It’s actually walking distance from the city center. You’ll experience first hand how luchadores or wrestlers fight in the ring. And most Mexican wrestlers wear face masks if you notice it which makes the fight more interesting as you wouldn’t get to see or know the identity of the wrestlers unless it is taken off off them by their opponents.

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4. Stroll around its historic center


The best way to observe Guadalajara‘s culture and daily lives is by strolling around the city center.

From its Hispanic churches, theaters to colonial streets and shops, there are a lot more to see in this lively city.
If you are into arts, you can get to see these street artists performing along the streets,  either in the form of acting or playing their musical artists. Some painters exhibit their artworks and demonstrate their painting or drawing skills altogether as you pass along.


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3. Have tour around the city with Tapatio Tour


In my opinion, this is is the most convenient tour if you want to tour around the entire city in 1 day. Yes, it’s possible with Tapatio tour. You can visit the 4 main sections of Guadalajara and each section has 9 or more point of interests which can be enough to your whole-day itinerary. If you have toured all tourist attractions earlier, you can do another round.


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2. Avail the Tequila tour


For Tequila lovers, you’ll definitely love this idea. You ‘ll get to know the various brands of tequila, plus a walkthrough of the various stages of tequila making. This whole-day tour will give you chance to visit Tres Mujeres, one of the 3 best-known Tequila distilleries in the world. Later in the afternoon, you can walk around Tequila town to see distilleries and shops of famous tequila brands, and probably buy some for your Mexico souvenirs, right?


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1.Eat Torta Ahogada


Torta Ahogada is a classic dish from Guadalajara, the capital and largest city of the Mexican state of Jalisco.  Ahogada means drowned because the torta is normally submerged in a tomato or chili-based sauce.You can never find it in any other city in Mexico, so never let pass this epicurean hap once in Guadalajara.

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How to go to Guadalajara
From Tenancingo – Ride a public taxi going to Toluca Terminal which takes almost an hour. From Toluca- From Toluca Terminal, there are several bus companies with routes to various parts of Mexico. Travel time for overnight buses from TOL to GDL takes around 12 hours. We rode the Primera Plus which cost us 616 MXP. From Mexico City- Ride a bus going to Mexico City North Bus Terminal. From this terminal, there are various bus companies en route to Guadalajara which takes around 6.25 hours for 680 MXP at the time of writing. There are also several airlines flying from Benito Juarez Mexico City to Miguel Hidalgo Guadalajara which takes approximately 1.5 hours.
List of Attractions Visited in Guadalajara in 2 Days
  • Zapopan Town
  • Tlaquepaque Town
  • Tonalá Town
  • Basilica of Our Lady of Zapopan
  • Lucha Libre live at Arena Jalisco
  • Guadalajara Centro Historico
  • Ripley’s Museum
  • Tequila Town
  • Tres Mujeres Tequila Distillery


Where to Stay in Guadalajara


Have you been to Guadalajara? What activities would you recommend doing in this city? 


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