5 Things to do in Ilocos

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Ilocos has always charmed visitors for its historical structures and unique features that you can only find in this true gem of the north. If there are 5 best places that you can visit in this region, I would recommend the following places :

1. Paoay Church

First stop was at Paoay Church, known formally as St. Augustine Church. This UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the most exceptional Baroque churches I have ever found in the Philippines. For a moment when I was staring at this church,  I realized what makes it distinctive. I noticed the gigantic buttresses on the sides and back of the structure which is uncommon and rarely possesed by most Baroque churches I’ve seen.

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2.Bangui Windmills

Due to the size of this province and the time constraint, it was  inconvenient to travel on our own going to one place to another which we thought would cost us the same or even more than hiring a tricycle driver to bring us to these places. Apparently, we hired one for 800 php to tour us around  the 3 main points north of Laoag. The first main point is to the first power  generating windmill farm in Southeast Asia,  Bangui Windmills. This a distinct feature in Ilocos since I haven’t heard or seen that other provinces in the Philippines has this kind of windmill. If they have one , it might not be a striking as this one.

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3. Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

The second point is the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse or popularly called as Burgos Lighthouse. This is one of the many lighthouses that were constructed during the Spanish colonial period and one of the most preserved. Considering its historical significance, this lighthouse is listed as a cultural heritage site.

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4. Kapurpurawan Rock Formation

A piece of heaven on earth. Kapurpurawan rock formation is located on the rocky coast of Burgos, Ilocos Norte. These creamy white sand and streamlined limestone were formed from different oceanic and weather forces. It was just surreal and unbelievable to be part of Earth.

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5. Vigan

The last stop was at Vigan, specifically at its colonial street, Calle Crisologo. Its colonial architecture  is similar to colonist streets in Mexico. I remember there was a movie produced in early 90′ s that includes shots of this street  but indicated in the film as a Mexican town although the actual location is in the Philippines.

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Have you been to Ilocos? What are the best things would you recommend doing in this province?

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