5 exciting things to do in Puerto Princesa

Puerto Princesa is the city center of the biggest province in the Philippines, PALAWAN. So, it is not surprising that this city has a lot of activities to offer to travelers. Rounding off are the 5 best things to do in Puerto Princesa.

1.Underground river tour – hailed as one of the new seven wonders of the nature, this UNESCO  subterranean national park of 5-mile river and caves is a must visit place in your PP vacation. I remember paying just 500php which includes environmental fees at the Sabang wharf for the said tour.Inside the cave are various shapes formed such as one that looks like a mushroom or beard, etc.

Getting there

Once in the city proper, asked around for the City coliseum to get the Underground river tour permit. In our case, a one jeep ride for 8php  was necessary to reach the city hall. Get a priority number and once your name has been called, pay the Entrance fee of 100 php and cave entrance fee of 175 php.An officer will instruct you on how to reach Sabang and its cost. By Lexus shuttle bus,  schedules are 7:30am/8:30/10/3pm/4:40pm for 145 php local rate; 210php foreigner rate.Travel time is within an hour. Phone number; 09175859602.

2.Mitra’s Ranch– on the following day after the Sabang tour was a PP tour starting off at Mitra’s ranch in Sta. Monica owned by the late house speaker Ramon Mitra. The green ranch overlooks the Honda Bay Islands and PP City.The ranch is known for its Rancho zipline adventure for 500php. I was wearing a white print dress with flats at that time that totally made me uncomfortable during the zipline but there’s no way to back out.

Getting there    

By tricycle,it can cost you 50php. By jeepney is a cheaper way for 8 php. Ride the Irawan bound one and just ask driver to drop you off at the intersection road going to Mitra. Get a tricy to bring you to the said ranch for 20php.

3.Baker’s Hill-Moving on to the next destination is the Baker’s Hill.You can get a tricy and pay 20 php to proceed to this bakery buried in a hill with recreation park that houses souvenir shop and some restaurants.The bakery is known for its hopia delicacies. The park is a huge playground of gardens filled with colorful flowers and roving zoo animals along with effigies of Disney characters such as Shrek and Fiona and their babies.

4. Plaza Cuartel-  getting back to the city proper by jeep is the commencement of your city tour in Puerto Princesa by the common transport in town, the tricycle. The one landmark with historical significance that stood out for me is the Plaza cuartel. It is a restored remnant hat witnessed  WW II battles were more than 150 American soldiers were burnt alive by invading Japanese forces.

5.Palawan Special Battalion WW II museum- last stop your list before riding a tricy to the airport ( 30php at least) is a visit to the recently opened museum in Palawan where a collection of WWII paraphernalia and memorabilia are treasured and guarded. For just 50 php,you will gain entry and access to the items that were normally used and served useful in the 50s. You will be first greeted with the station of a Buick car and AC jeep in the front of the museum. Entering the museum will give you glimpse of world war costumes of Japanese soldiers, their masks and bullets,even the Japanese currencies  and  the most advanced computer of prevalent during their time, an old worn out typewriter are kept as mementos.

Do you think these are the 5 best things to do in Puerto Princesa? Please feel free to share the love and ideas.


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