15 Souvenir ideas to buy in Mexico

With a country where everything is vast and beautiful,there’s definitely a lot of blank spaces to fill in when it comes to choosing vacation spots, best places to eat and dine and even souvenirs to take home along with you to remind you of how unforgettable your stay was in Mexico.

Sharing with you are some souvenir ideas to buy in Mexico:

15. Coin

You can convert your Mexican peso into a souvenir coin inside the Metropolitan church in Zocalo. There’s a converter machine that will do that.

14. Scultpures

If you have spare luggage to fit them, surely you can take them home. Such ancient and unique art collection.

13. Mayan calendar

Curious about the Mayan culture and how they came up with their Mayan calendar? You can bring home a Mayan calendar to study it later. The ancient calendar is sometimes embroidered in a stone or bag and other decor.

12. Stone Masks

Near the Teotihuacan pyramids, there’s a huge souvenir shop selling elaborate stone masks which are replicas of artifacts from the Archeological Musuem. It takes weeks to produce such amazing masks. Most of them are made from jade, which is considered a more important stone than diamond by the Mayans.

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11. Clay Pottery

Wanna have a kitchen like that of Frida Kahlo’s? Yes, Kahlo’s kitcen at her Caza Azul is full of this clay pottery. Having one can make your kitchen looks a little Mexican, isn’t it?

10. Mexican blouses/Clothing

What I like about these traditional Mexican dresses are their  brightly colored embroideries.


Mexico is rich in jade, silver and other gems. That’s why jewelry shops in Mexico are everywhere. I bought a piece of jewerly because I liked the real flower they put inside the pendant during a trip in Xochimilco. Don’t forget to bargain.


8.Handicrafts accessories

Colorful handicrafts such as earrings made by ingenuous people.




Tajin can refer to a Columbian archaeological site in southern Mexico but it can also associate to the chile powder used as seasoning or condiment to add flavor to your favorite fruits or vegetables,and even to spice up your drinks like Michelada. It is generally made of chile, lime and salt.

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Where else can you find an authentic tequila made from 100 agave but in the place where this known drink was born.Do you know that tequila concocted outside Mexico is not considered as tequila at all?




This is my favorite candy when I was in Mexico. It reminds me of Philippines’ polvoron only more richer in flavor and texture. It is simply made from peanuts, sugar and artificial flavors.



4.Mexico rosary

For Catholic, isn’t it a good memento to buy a rosary from one of the most visited pilgrimage sites of Catholicism after St. Peter’s Basilica, the Basilica of our Lady of Guadalupe ? Much more if you’ll have it sprinkled with a holy water before leaving the church.



3.Classic Magnets

Of course, magnets will never fail to include in my travel souvenir lists. In every tourist spots in Mexico, you can surely find Mexican magnets to remind you of your memorable visit to this beautiful country.



Rebozos are traditional garments used by women for various purposes.But it can also come in different forms such as earrings and shoes.Who says I don’ t like pink? 🙂


1.Frida souvenirs

Considered as one of Mexico’s greatest artists and a feminist icon,the name Frida Kahlo should have passed any artist or art lover’s wall of recognition. In Kahlo’s blue house in Coyoacan, you can find all Frida Kahlo souvenirs ranging from simple key chains, notebooks to furnitures. Cheaper Frida t-shirts are found at some stalls in Xochimilco, an aproximate town fromm Coyoacan.

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