12 Best things to see in Bohol in 2 Days

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Maayong pag-abot sa Bohol! One of the most attractive cities in the Philippines, Bohol is one rich, green countryside escape which attracts hordes of travelers for its world- famous Chocolate hills, picturesque natural scenery and unique species such as tarsier and python.

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It can be easily visited by ferry from Cebu for a cost of 400php one way. But today, it’s even more accessible with the opening of its own airport. Dozens of habal-habal drivers offer whole-day tour to visit 12 sites of Bohol for a price of not more than 800 pesos for two.  These are the innumerable tourist attractions in Bohol possible to see all in one day.

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Bohol Countryside Tour Part I

1. Hanging Bridge


The bamboo hanging bridge in Bohol is one of the attractions included in your habal habal tour. It was fun and challenging crossing the bridge overlooking the Sipatan river in Sevilla, Bohol. Made out of bamboo slats and rope, stepping on the deck will make you sway up and down and sideways.

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2. Python


In a mini zoo in Albuquerque Bohol, one can find the largest captive python with 30 inches in size. Entrance to this zoo to see this python is 20php.

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3. Man-made Forest

It’s too good to be a real forest. This man-made mahogany forest stands out from the rest due to the uniformity effect from the alignment of its trees. Even in size and height, the mahogany trees are just uniform.

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4. Ship Haus


It is one newest attraction in the province opened in late 2011. The house is owned by a retired mariner, Capt. Dumapias. Shaped like a ship, thus the name Ship Haus was given.

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5. Loboc Church


Loboc is a famous municipality in Bohol due to its Loboc Chuch, one of the oldest churches built in 1602 and the Loboc floating restaurant. This photo below of the Loboc Church was taken a month ago before a strong earthquake hit Bohol in October, 2013. Today, the church is converted into ruins that bring memories of this predicament.

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6. Loboc cruise

In this one-day fast-track tour, one cannot fully leave the habal -habal driver and feast on the floating restaurant for live music and buffet. However, you can reserve on the following day if you want for a 500php per pax.

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7. Baclayon Church


The oldest church in Bohol established in 1596 by the Jesuits is one of the 7 churches in the province that was declared as National treasure heritage. The neoclassical style was not saved from the 7.4 magnitude earthquake that struck the town on October 15, 2013, thus, demolishing it.

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8. Blood compact (pacto de sangre)


Just across the Baclayon church is a landmark of the first international friendship treaty between Spaniards and Filipinos. The bronze statues of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and Datu Sikatuna, among other witnesses, are sealed manifestation of how an agreement or allegiance are accepted in the old days. Both captains poured in their blood by making a cut from their arms and mixed it with the wine that they will both drink.

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9. Tarsier


Bohol has a lot of Guinness records under its belt. Not only it has the largest captive python to date, it also boasts of the smallest primate that can only be found in this place, the tarsiers, which are regarded as an endangered species.This amusing piece looks like a hybrid of rat and monkey but has the night vision capability like an owl.Its eyes are disproportionately larger against its small body size.

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10. Sagbayan Peak, Carmen


Carmen is a second class municipality in Bohol where the famous Chocolate hills can be found.The Sagbayan peak gives you a 360-degree angle of the hills.This mountain resort is a 3 in one visit:  tarsier, chocolate hills and a recreation center with life-size statues of a dinosaur , snow white, and other Disney characters. All these for 30 php entrance fee.

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11. Chocolate Hills


This is the main reason why we visit Bohol. There are 1260 conical karst hills by estimation which were formed thousands of years ago, believed to have been resulted in a massive explosion from the sea. It is made of grassy limestone but during the dry season (February to May), these grass-covered hills turned into brown color resembling like hundreds of chocolate kisses.

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Bohol Countryside Tour Part II


12. Alona Beach, Panglao


Tagbilaran is shielded from the open sea by the island of Panglao. On your second or third day, you can consider unwinding at the white sandy bar of Alona beach, which can be reached by jeep from Tagbilaran.

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Getting To Bohol
The fastest way to reach Bohol from nearby islands is by fast ferry. From Cebu Port, Pier 1 or 3, just walking distance from Fort Pedro, there are several fast ferries operating daily from Cebu to Tagbilaran and vice versa which can take more than an hour. Fares are 800.00 Php (Tourist class), and 1000.00 Php (Business class) for round trip but can change depending on time of sailing, time of year and the company you use.There are also flights from Manila Naia and Cebu Mactan airports flying to Tagbilaran airport.


You can reserve online for a cheaper rate and hassle-free travel:

Cebu-Bohol OceanJet Ferry Ticket



Where to Stay in Bohol

List of Attractions Visited in 2 Days
  • Hanging Bridge
  • Python
  • Man-made forest
  • Ship Haus
  • Loboc Church
  • Loboc Cruise
  • Baclayon Church
  • Blood Compact
  • Tarsier
  • Sagbayan Peak
  • Chocolate Hills
  • Alona Beach

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