10 Secret Free things to do in Singapore

They say Singapore is one of the most expensive countries to travel. As a matter-of-fact, I spent lesser in this City of Lion than in Malaysia or South Korea. The secret? Probably because the city is small and most touristic spots  are gathered in one area. And the best thing about it is that most of them are free. Here are the free fun things I did in Singapore:


10. Stroll around the central district

A walking tour around the central district which is also a good place to appreciate both modern and old architectures in Singapore. Just get off at the City Hall MRT.



9. Visit St. Andrew’s Cathderal

If you’re interested in religious architectural design or simply wants to have peace of mind and meditate inside the cathedral.



8.Explore Sentosa Island.

This state of fun is Singapore’s popular island resort visited by around 20 million people a year. But let me tell you a secret. You can actually spend whole day exploring the island for FREE ( except if you will enter the Universal Studios or Trick Eye Museum and eat at a restaurant for instance). Free in a sense that you can stroll around the island, wandering around some of its tourist attractions and entertainment  without shelling out any cent such as the Sentosa Merlion,Nature Discovery, among others.

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7. Pose at the Universal Studios Globe

You can get a free photo memorabilia of this famous theme park by posing at the Universal Studios Globe without necessary entering the said park. Just, a I -went-here -sort -of photo souvenir. That is if you think it won’t entice you that much. But if you decide that it’s worth it getting inside and trying its various parks and rides, then  you need to pay the entrance fee, of course.




6.Sri Mariamman Temple

This gaudy Singpore’s  national monument  in Dravidian style. is a major toursit attraction. It’s quite a fuss that Singpore’s oldest Hindu temple is located in the downtown Chinatown district. It’s worth a look somehow.




5. Check out for free shows at Esplanade

This former colonial army base turned into Singapore’s greatest contemporary arts center hosts free music events and films. So better check out their schedules. Or simply marvel at its quirky, durian-shaped architecture.




4. Strike a pose with a Merlion

It is imperative to strike to every iconic symbol of a country like the Taj mahal in India or the Great Wall of China. In Singapore, it ‘s the half-lion, half-fish creature Merlion. And the best thing about is it is just free to visit.




3. Chill at the Changi Airport

Have still 3 hours to kill time at the airport? Worry not. Changi Airport has lots of facilities that will keep you busy while waiting for your boarding time.Why not create your own drawing with the various pastels in one section of the airport? Or get a free massage? or just connect online with the free wifi available? I told you it’s no problem getting stuck at this airport.




2. Wonder at Gardens by the Bay

I guess everything in Singapore is artificial and man-made. Even their trees? Gigantic, out of this world supertrees? Whatever you call it, this is artificial trees which lights up past 7pm onwards with its 15 minutes light show is one of the best free things to look at.




1. Watch Marina Bay Sands Light & Water show

You’ll surely be amazed at its erratic 3 55-floor hotel towers with a big man-made indoor pool atop. And more so if you wait until 8pm fto watch its Light and water show for free.



Do you have other free things to do in Singapore to add in the list? Please feel free to share or comment.


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