10 Best Things to do in Batam in 24 hours

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During our visit in Singapore, we dedicated one full day for a side trip in Indonesia. But not in Jakarta or Bali. It was in Batam. It is one quiet touristic place in Indonesia that is just an hour away from the bustling city of Singapore. Our whole itinerary included these 10 best things that one can do for a day in Batam:


1.Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Temple

According to our tour guide, this is the largest Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia with 4.5 hectares area. Our 30-minute given time to roam and take pictures around this temple was not sufficient enough to see or catch a glimpse of the 3-storey temple. So we right away headed to its main prayer room where there stood the gold-plated giant laughing Buddha. We removed our shoes before entering and  lighted a small thin candle  to offer to Buddha. Outside the temples, in the courtyard are adorned with close to dozens of Buddha statues.


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2.Golden Factory outlet

Despite Batam’s tiny size, giant clothing factories abound the island. Working in the factories are its people’s primary source of income.One of these factories is the Golden factory outlet where you can purchase branded clothes and t-shirts , even sports apparels at reasonable prices.

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3.Golden Prawn 933 Seafood Restaurant

Par of our packaged tour was a free buffet lunch at Golden Prawn 933 Seafood Restaurant, the biggest and best restaurant in the island. The restaurant is huge with its dining area floating on wooden floor on a large body of water. While eating your  meal, you can spot some big fishes swimming around this body of water surrounding the area, giving you an idea where your cooked seafood came from.


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4.1st factory Outlet

You can never run out of factory outlet in Batam. I think that the main thing you can do here is to shop around its various factory outlets. For no particular reason, we chose dropping by at this another outlet than taking a Bali massage. Oscar isn’t fond of massage you know. So this was our last stop and last round of shopping. I didn’t really find nice t-shirts or blouses that I would like to wear while window-shopping in this outlet but Oscar managed to buy a hard rock t-shirt though.

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5. Batam Layer Cakes

A sweet treat after a heavy lunch.I have not seen this kind of cake until our visit to Batam layer cake house. Some designs seem like a pile of doormats,only more appealing to the sight.It tastes not so sweet as for my definition of sweetness.

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6. Kuda Lumping Cultural Dance

This is a cultural Javanese dance depicting a group of dancers riding on horses made from woven bamboo with colorful decoration. In this ceremony we watched for free ( but tipping is mandatory), there were only 2 dancers  performing this dance. After their dance, the men dancers in their trance conditions,displayed their unusual abilities such as eating glasses (yikes!), and hot coals. The other dancer showed his strong teeth by using it to shred the coconut husks.

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7.Local Dry Market

We passed by a local dry market that sells all kinds of snacks made in Batam and this is one of the strange finds we had, this exotic dried sea food.

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8. Chocolate House Factory

I love chocolates and in most southeast Asian countries,  a trip to a chocolate factory will always be included in your itinerary as part of the tour package. And for a chocoholic like me, its impossible to resist.

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9.Go-Kart Circuit Centre

If you still have the energy to go-kart after the intense shopping, then you can try this experience at Batam Go-Kart Circuit Centre.


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10.Batik Factory Outlets

Like the Chocolate house factory, a trip to Batik Factory seems to be an ever-present inclusion to your tour package, at least in most southeast Asian countries. Here you can find souvenir items such as t-shirts and magnets. Most of all, you can find clothing made from Batik. When we went to Malaysia, our first time to discover this kind of textile, we bought several batik-made products. So, seeing another Batik shop didn’t excite us anymore.

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Do you have other best things to do while in Batam? Please feel free to share or comment.

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