10 Amazing Things You Can Do only in South Korea

South Korea is one of these countries in Asia where you would find thousand of reasons to visit this small-sized country at least before you turn 30. The amazing things to do are so plenteous and some of them can only be done in South Korea as follows:

1.DMZ tour

A must tour when in South Korea. This Demilitarized zone is the border that separates North and South Korea. Normally a half day tour, you need to book it online to reserve at least 2 days before the schedule date. The price ranges if you want to add additional tour site or lunch. But the basic tour without lunch and a chance to climb into the 3rd infiltration tunnel costs 40,000 won at the time of this writing.

2.Myeongdong district

The commercial heart of Seoul, shopaholics and foodies alike will love this electric district that shouldn’t be missed once in Seoul. I was happy to know that I chose the right accommodation this time as it’s conveniently located in Myeongdong district. This favorite filming location in most Korean dramas are filled with retail shopping ranging from mid to high end, department stores that house international brands, the Lotte World, neon lights and of course its famous street food.

3. Roam around the Imjingak Village

This village is the furthest north part in South Korea which was the first place we stopped by in our DMZ tour. The most interesting and touching part of this village are the brightly -colored ribbons covered in the ultimate bridge in the northern part of South Korea called the Bridge of Freedom. These ribbons that were tied up  were covered with messages by South Koreans to their families in the North Korea or those who died in the north during the war.



4. Lock your love padlocks at the Namsan Seoul Tower


N Seoul Tower is  tallest  communications tower in Seoul  that  later became known  as a popular dating site for couples where they can lock their padlocks of love as a wish that their love would last forever. The attaching of padlocks of love  gained popularity after a Korean romance movie shot at this location to profess their love for each other.

5.Namdaemun Market

This is the best place to buy your Korean souvenirs before heading home. Practically because it is the largest traditional Korean market so the chance of finding the best souvenirs to bring back home is greater due to the myriad of options and variety made available in this market.

Tip: Sometimes it is better to buy souvenirs inside the mall , not the stalls outside this market as there are items that are sold cheaper  in the former.

Address21, Namdaemunsijang 4-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul

6.Stroll around Insadong

On the other side of the street, you can find a tourist information booth to Insadong. This is the most fantastic street I’ve seen in entire Seoul. The busy afternoon streets were filled with Koreans and overseas tourists alike walking around, hanging out with street musicians or hopping from one antique shops to the other. You can actually spend whole day on this street without getting bored. Aside from shops selling various Korean products, the streets are also lined with restaurants and cafes, both traditional and modern.

7. Relax at the Cheonggyecheon Stream

I tell you one secret . There is a hiding place in Seoul where you can rest your tired after after a whole day of walking near City Hall station. It looks a little hidden so you may not find it right away. Take a break from the bustling city streets to this relaxing, serene stream like locals do.


8.Travel back in time at Bukchon Hanok Village

15 minutes  walk from the Grand Palace, and surrounding touristic spots  is the Bukchon Hanok village where traditional wooden houses are well-preserved and soon became one of the most visited places in Seoul.

9. Marvel at the Grand Palace

Marvel at one of the 5 grand palaces of South Korea,Gyeongbokgung Palace. With more than 6 centuries-old , the beauty and grandeur of this palace  has been timeless. Give 2 or 3 years for you to patiently tour around the over 40 hectares grand palace and if you happen to visit at 2 pm where the changing of the royal guards take place, then stay a thirty-minute. It is closed on Mondays though.


10. Eat Bingsu in Shilla Hotel

Speaking of fresh and fruits, Koreans know how to put to use the fresh concept not only in their drinks but also in their dessert. I’m referring to their ice cream. Korean ice cream is a hit but why not try the oldest, shall we say traditional ice cream in Korea? The Bingsu…Its full of square-cut fresh mangoes, accompanied with sweet red beans and a cup of yellow ice cream, perhaps with a mango flavor as well. And the creamy, sweet ice, ohhh! I don’t mind it’s freezing cold in heaven. But really, it’s worth a try. The one I did was in Shilla Hotel and it was the best and most expensive ice cream I’ve ever tasted in my life.

Do you have other things to add on the list? Please feel free to comment.

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